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The geographical location of Alaska is that about the 49 US state, even the Americans themselves do not know so much. In the holiday here, few rides, moves to live also in no hurry. Despite the fact that Alaska is the largest state in the United States, nothing much happens here and in the news, it falls infrequently. Its inhabitants, in turn, rather weakly associated themselves with the life in the rest of America. For the majority of Alaska is the stunning beauty of the wildlife, the harsh climate, prolonged winter, polar night, Aleuts with the Eskimos, the former territory of the Russian Empire, the oil, gas and other minerals. Maybe that's why Alaska something very similar to the Russian.

I'm interested in Alaska after watching a documentary series about police Alaskan «Alaska State Troopers». There's talk about the many interesting things in the life of this part of Ameriki.Ya not set out to tell all about Alaska, the more I'm there never was. Just reviewing the pages of this forum I saved the most interesting in my view photos. Now I have them spread. It turned out a little trip. Remember that it is virtual, and, most likely, is not the objective.

"Welcome to Alaska! The last country outside the United States, is still friendly to the Americans ».

The first surprise I have caused road. They are much better than in New York City, and more so than in Russia. In some commentators assumed that the Russian roads are bad because of the climate. Maybe so, but then why are they so good in Alaska. With bad climate, there are all too well.

Judging from the photos and Google asphalt roads have all more or less large cities and not at all suburban highway.

Where there are no asphalt primer.

There are even primers with markup.

Wooden bridge.

Road-rail tunnel.

Picture a familiar sight average Russian.

Winter road running along the river.

Another one. In many places, the machine can be reached only in the winter.

In small and remote towns do not have asphalt.

Therefore the form of local roads too familiar sight of people in Russia.

There is nothing to surprise us in Alaska.

Therefore Alaska dirty cars are the same as in Russia.

I'd like my wife was as dirty (ho), as this machine.


On the roads there are remarkable signs and warning - "in the region bears».

Wonderful neighborhood.

Travel on this point is not recommended. If you still need to go down this road, avoid the severe frosts and snowfalls, take extra warm clothes, a survival kit and be sure to tell someone where you are going.

Do not shoot at targets.

In remote areas are very popular small private planes.

Only here it is necessary to insulate the aircraft during the winter months.

Only here it will have to be dug out of the snow to fly to the store for bread.

In the spring he might drown.

Only in Alaska, you can see a similar picture.

There are even airplanes.

In Alaska, a lot of boats and motor boats.

For some, it is the daily means of transportation.

And shipping.

In winter, transplanted to snowmobiles.

They ride them until spring. As long as there is ice on the river.

Year round popular ATVs.

To equip these special roads.

Chance of Alaska is very similar to Russian.

If no numbers on the machines, then do not distinguish.

We believe that Russia sold Alaska for a pittance. And the Americans, the contemporaries of the transaction, the purchase was considered a waste of money and only a whim Suart, the then US Secretary of State. This is only one new building of the City Court of New York, "a gang of Tweed" stole more money than the cost of Alaska.

After a snowfall.

After a heavy snowfall.

Nowhere in America is no longer such a large number of Orthodox churches. 10% of the population of Alaska Orthodox.

Church under construction.

The main entertainment is hunting and fishing.

Catch can be anything.

Who does not love to fish can go for a walk.

Or ride a bike.

Sled Dog Race in Alaska are official and rather popular sport. Also, the race is held here on snowmobiles «Arctic man», which gathers around 15 000 people every year.

Auction skins. I liked the guy.

Someone forgot to close the door to the toilet on the track.

Trailer with snegootvalom.

House in the village.

Suspension bridge for the pipeline.

Mobile bath.

Basketball court.

Alaska is the only railway line length of 760 km, which is not connected with any other railroad. It goes from the coast deep into the state.

In Alaska, a lot of interesting. For example, in the small town of Bethel is the largest number of taxis per capita in the world. One taxi is accounted for every 62 residents, and this in a city with a population of about 6000 people. It is also interesting that the wheel of a taxi sitting in the mainly come from Korea and Albania.

In Alaska, there are places where there is a prohibition. Local indigenous people very quickly becomes an inveterate drunkard, so there is a city with a restriction on the sale of alcohol, but there is a complete ban on the sale and import. His presence check incoming mail and baggage of air passengers. Local is not lost, driven brew and drink, household chemicals containing alcohol. All of this is imported here illegally and sold for big money. A bottle of whiskey can cost 300 dollars and omyvalka window 100. The ban on alcohol and harsh climate leads to the fact that the nation goes to the drugs. I do not know now, but a few years ago, Alaska led among all other states in the percentage of residents using drugs of all kinds. Also, until recently, the state was in the lead in the number of suicides.

According to Wikipedia, 66.7% of the population of Alaska are White, 14.8% indigenous inhabitants, 5, 4% Asians and only 3% are black. The population density such that if Manhattan was in Alaska, then it would have lived only 16 people.

Alaska is very beautiful.

Many wild animals.

We love Alaska.

Now I also want to go there. Moreover, it is a rare occasion to make a journey through the extreme north under a no, and civilization. The road goes to the Arctic coast. From New York to only some 7660 km.

Source: samsebeskazal.livejournal.com


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