15 facts about restaurant food, which the waiter will tell you never

going to drop in after work to his favorite restaurant for dinner? One minute! In Site There are some important facts that I have shared with us the workers of restaurants. They can come in handy. < Do not ask the waiter whether a dish is delicious. Of course, delicious! And what is more the answer you expect to hear? Another thing, if the waiter very eager to give you advice. In 9 cases out of 10 it means bonuses for the implementation of provider personnel of its products, such as meat for steak. Vegetables for salad hardly just got to bed. Where more likely that they stood in the refrigerator in the form of a blank for several days and finally waited for you. Dried up sausage and smoked dried up as it usually go on salads. "Dish of the day", recommended by the waiter, contains any product whose shelf life is almost exhausted and from the urgent need to get rid of. Alcoholic cocktails excellent camouflage Nedolya alcohol. Dear liqueurs in them easily replaced by cheap, rancid beer stirred with a mixer, the remains from different bottles of the same drink is poured into a glass. And, of course, the ice is better to ask to file separately, and then you can not fill them all the glass. If you are forced to wait too long to order, perhaps, the waiter just forgot about you, but it is much more probable that all detained chefs: cooking - matter that requires time. < Do not settle for a lemon! Cooks and waiters take lemons hands, but to wash the fruit often forgotten Potatoes -. She is the potato, so that would not be singing waiter about the sunny New Zealand meadows on which this root vegetable has been grown - it does not justify the inflated price. Very often you can hear tales of the products with the "home factory" - do not believe. Do not rely too much on the numbers calorie meals if they are listed in the menu. Cooks often too lazy to count them accurately, so take out the head, based on the approximate calorie ingredients. Be friendly to the waiters - in their hands the fate of your stomach. Work in catering - the more stress, so the staff with special sympathy responds to humanity. Do not rush to swear and complain about - if you are planning to visit this place in the future, try to make a good impression, and then about your order will never forget. Japanese, Chinese, Armenian, Italian and any other kitchen does not necessarily imply that it must prepare dishes chefs respective nationalities. The point is skill, not the nationality. Leave a tip of 10% of the total bill. If the score was very impressive, it is possible to reduce the amount of up to 5%. But healed tip - heinous act. In some restaurants the waiters even share a tip with other staff, so believe me, the tip - this is important. If you do not want to be overheard and spread important information - do not talk with the waiter. No matter how well-trained he seemed not, this man - not a deaf-mute. And keep your secrets he does not have. < Sometimes, the waiters are hauling food from the plates. It's unpleasant to think about it, but it happens. They want to eat banal, and they can not stand and eat at your expense. In general, it is best never to think about what happened with your meal before it got to your table. She could fall. Could a little spoil. But you never know ... If you have a bad temper - you can try it for yourself to ensure your food adventure. It is possible that if the loud yell at the waiter, he was on his way from the kitchen gape and "accidentally" drop the pasta bolognese on your floor. Or even worse that perpetrate. And finally - a piece of advice: if you do not "own" places where you know and love, it is preferable to visit new, just opened the place, who have to fight with all his might for the customers. There you really try to offer the best service. Fortunately, they are opened and closed very frequently - such a business.

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