Why nobody likes Russian

To begin to mention that the word "Russian", I mean all Russian-speaking immigrants from the former Soviet Union. After all, how could we, Belarusians and Ukrainians did not want to, but we perceive it abroad as Russian. Moreover, the calculated accurately in any crowd on any continent. Communicating with foreigners, I always ask, "Do you realize that I am a Russian?" (In fact, Belarusian, but it is not so important). In response, almost always hear the same epithets - "closed, gloomy, isolated, uncommunicative and constantly say you do not like other Russian".

And it's true! Much can be said about traditional Slavic unsmiling, sullen faces a perennial existential angst, but God bless them. However, for some unknown reason, we are unable to tolerate their compatriots abroad. And I'm in this description niskolno no exception.

- Guys, I can take a picture of your girls?

- Yes, no problem! Well you our Pole. Just do not come too close to them, and they are nervous.

It seems we're all adults, moderately educated people with a normal level of socialization. But crossing the border, turn into rabid Russophobia. And then we are surprised - they say, Russian nobody likes, even themselves.

I had to deal with different people in different countries. So, on the plane from Havana to Panama we met an Englishman Ryan, and spent a wonderful day with him - rather big dividing the cost of a taxi and dinner for two. At dinner he had to drink two liters of beer, but somehow it is not caused my rejection. Do the same thing my compatriot, perhaps I would be ashamed of him. That's why it ?!

By the way, Ryan went one interesting episode. In the restaurant in the heart of Panama City, he talked with the waiter, who was Italian and lived for several years in London. You should have seen their sincere joy of being with someone that you can discuss your favorite places in London and football teams. Never mind that they were sick of different clubs!

- I'm sorry, I did not raboat phone. Can I send SMS to your wife? I'll pay.

- And I also did not work. (Hiding his phone in his pocket)

(Dialogue with Russian tourists, Cuba, Varadero)

At home, we are more inclined to protyatut hand to their neighbors and abroad forget about it. Once at the airport in Panama, I had a chance to ask a complete stranger to the (as it turned out, from Costa Rica) - borrow a charger for the laptop. He not hesitate to give it to me. In contrast - similar request to the Russian tourists at the airport in Vienna ended in failure. It seems to be a trifle, but exponential.

- Phone is not working? You can call from my.

(From a conversation with a neighbor, a pensioner from Sweden, Havana)

Maybe it's our eternal incredulity - as though once again not deceived. Who knows ... But even in completely useless non-binding situations, I came across a strange arrogance on the part of their compatriots abroad. After living for a week in a small hotel in the mountains of Slovakia, filled with Russian, start a conversation with any of them have failed. They all prefer to sit in the corners and quietly whisper. And with the Germans in the same hotel the next day we were playing pool.

- Well, where are we? Do you even looked card !? Who I immediately ask the road? They also in Russian do not understand! (Hereinafter untranslatable pun)

- But our nowhere!

(Dialogue of couples, the outskirts of Paris)

In short, like it or not, we do not love their fellow countrymen. I've got on this score one theory. Not comprehensive, but still ...

Russian tourist - is often the person chosen and reproof authority. Hence the eternal snobbery on Russian tourist forums ("I know where it is better, cheaper. And anyway, I understand all better than you", "I was there, where you never get"). Hence, also reviews such as "For the money I paid for the hotel, they had ...". And then a list of what "these fucking, Turks and Egyptians" should have made Russian tourist. Here is the famous phrase uttered already on holiday - "Yes, you know who I am!". And pile up - "I'm not going to Prague (Paris, Turkey, Thailand - underline), there are many Russian».

- And what we have here cornered? I, too, the beauty!

- And do not tell. Only time wasted. Better to go to the beach.

(From a conversation of two teenage girls, Rovinj, Croatia)

I have already mentioned what way Russian composed of foreigners. Not the most flattering, but still tolerable. In these same Russian compatriot typical portrait worse - an uneducated, drinking, arrogant and boorish. A kind of "Tagil". Naturally, this type of neither respect nor even the joy of meeting with him does not matter.

- What is it there for so long, bl # !?

- SchA we'll show him how to love their homeland!

(From the dialogue in the hotel bar system "all inclusive")

But it's fair to say that the caricature of Russian tourist who persistently replicated on our own forums, quite far from the truth.

So the classical picture of drinking Russian - nothing compared to those of the state to revel in the Finnish and Norwegian women truckers. Russian rowdy - just kids raging near the British and the Poles. Russian ladies dressed tasteless at least do not go for a walk in tight T-shirts over the layer of fat, as do American women everywhere and their ilk.

It turns out that we ourselves have developed a stereotype that stubbornly maintain their own attitudes and behavior. And keep in splendid isolation, and with his head held high to conquer countries and continents. And preferably, away from the Russian ...



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