Well, simply, "the master of parking"

One of the largest of the Moscow underground parking is always loaded, and when well occupy two places at once one machine, so even with the "visiting rooms' nerves gave way, and people began to act ...

Leaving the car, come closer ... it gets interesting.

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This phrase seems to apply to the whole of Belarus on the idea of ​​the author wrote.

Delivered a very emotional book "Constitution of the Russian Federation." It seems as if offering to read the rules and laws of our country

"The seizure of property" unnecessary things: the car - Reno, jam jars ... =) By the way, it seems to have eaten, as in fact it was not detected

Someone decided to "practice" in the auto tinting. That's right, not on his own try. Soon the "painters" podedut and "beaters" I feel if this machine could stand another week-second ... =)


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