Jokes night

Killed woman - saved beaver squirrel ... ....... hole ...... crocodile ...

Moses and Penquin created ensemble "Popa cramped"

Maxim Galkin beyond the entrance - a bucket shake out in the garbage disposal. Suddenly
someone ran up behind him, throws back his head, the force decompresses
mouth and pour back vodka. Then he runs off, and bottom hear the jubilant cry:
 - Mates! I drank vodka by Galkin !!!

 - Why is North Korea's e-mail does not work?
 - Because they ate there all the @!

Dear Subscriber!
Your balance is settled, and you will automatically transfer from the tariff "Pizdobol»
on the tariff "Dopizdelis».
Your prepayment we did not fuck.

 - Come on, she asks, swim. Here, they say, in the water as much mikroorgazmov.
 - Probably microorganisms.
 - Well, it depends on how to swim.

Iran threatens the destruction of Israel
This can not be allowed in any case - in Israel is a server ICQ!

Tatu supported the Russian national football team with its
new album "People with disabilities"

In today's hit "German scientists have created a restful, antiviagru
thoughtful view porn "is missing the last sentence: the so
bestiality were ...

Floating steamers - hello Malchish
Flying airplanes - hello Malchish
Go necrophilia - stopped ...


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