Allow you to engage in the flood, or the unnecessary power

It seems that the Kiev city administration for the first time like the inhabitants of the city. Or, to be precise, is not the people themselves, as a result of cooperation with onymi during a recent snowfall. When very, very many people to provide all possible support in overcoming the consequences of the disaster. Like a form of communication to such an extent that we are now strongly invited to be more socially and physically active in case of a possible flood. There's still quite a high calm eulogy to the volunteers cooked up. Say, we are all grateful, and what all those who helped, well done.
Well, let's still really great. But I want to ask one question. As we learned from insider sources, another morning of March 23 SBU officers and other law enforcement agencies have received sms-notification urging them to either leave the city (if you live in the suburbs), or will not leave. That is about the extent of impending collapse of white knew quite well. But no OS
about actively scratching until the occurrence of "snow Kaptsov».
And there, and the people have shown themselves. Saving municipal funds, after all.
We must understand that this initiative have decided to put on a stream. If - well, do not be hard - we suddenly fail, then come to help.
So if you can not handle, it will happen anyway - any adequate person would do everything in his power in an emergency. And help yourself. And so, to whom dotyanet.
Only here for you guys out there need, such helpless? And why only invite to share the hardships and privations? Maybe then, and what good did not hesitate to share with the case?


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