How to cut money out of the blue. Textbook.

At one time, when the top of the chess Olympus stayed Anatoly Karpov, one of his main opponents to the question, what the hell in carp, as an individual, there is a dominant, said something like this (for citationality not answer, only the meaning) "When you already think all, that's what you leveled position and can offer a draw, he suddenly makes a move which you could not imagine. And you again soared over the answer and make mistakes ยป
I do not know why there is such an association. But Azarovskaya team once again demonstrates its ability to squeeze money out of nothing and make a move that just knocks down. When it seems that everything is, nothing more and not to squeeze out of someone.
But it turns out, everything is easy - change the parking regulations, raising fines for late payment to 8-12 non-taxable minimum (136-204 USD), and for on-site parking for people with disabilities, and that it was important "other privileged categories" and does up to 360 - and here's a sickly source of income. At the same time, of course, additional powers are delegated to our valiant GIVE - by blocking the wheels to export to shtrafploschadku.
In this case, just for the soul takes adequate approach. The fact that parking is conventionally assumed absolutely unequipped place - but just a piece of roadway with a blue stripe and a sign - this is not enough. For example, consider the fact that parking meters were to be equipped with all parking by 1 April 2012, and today their only 87 out of 237. So, for it is a penalty in the amount of as much as 510 to 680 hryvnia. And if during the year is not set, or even 1700 can pay. You know, right? Yes simpler pancake, twice a year to pay and continue to cut to perfectly level ground. For comparison - 204 hryvnia - a late payment. After the expiration of 10 minutes.
Just handsome. I can advise another quite legitimate source of income - to enter universities in course "How to make money out of nothing." Very highly paid. And guide him. Personally or command. And textbooks for this special course to publish. What will scatter hotcakes.


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