Masterpieces in Russian (22 photos)

Look at beautiful pictures of Russian and Soviet winners World Press Photo 1955-2010.

Yuri Belinsky Photo ITAR-TASS. 1977. Miscellaneous. 2nd prize. "Forever Friends. People's Artist of USSR Mikhail Rumyantsev (clown Pencil) for a walk. Leningrad ┬╗

Sergei Vasilyev, the newspaper "Evening Chelyabinsk". 1977 Special stories. 1st prize. A series of "The Birth of a man." In Chelyabinsk, the maternity hospital.

Max Alpert, RIA "Novosti". 1973 photo-essay. 2nd prize. Series "The thoughts and heart." Nikolai Amosov Academician operates.

Yuri Kozyrev, The Associated Press. 1999. Stories in the news of a general nature. 3rd prize. "Russian soldiers near the town of Urus-Martan." Chechen Republic, Russia. wpp05 Masterpieces of Russian and Soviet photography

Pavel Krivtsov, the magazine "Ogonyok". 1988. The daily life. 1st prize. From a series of "Sad feast." New Year's Eve in a psychiatric Hospital. Kashchenko. Moscow.

Sergey Kivrin, the magazine "Soviet Union". 1981. Sports. 3rd prize. "Barbell". World Championship in weightlifting. Lille, France.

Vladimir Vyatkin, RIA "Novosti". 1983 Art and Science. Honorable Mention. From the series "Behind the scenes, the Bolshoi Ballet." Theater of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko. Moscow.

Igor Kostin, RIA "Novosti". 1986 Science and Technology. 1st prize. A series of "Summer diary of Chernobyl." The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Sergei Vasilyev, the Union of Journalists of the USSR. 1981 Daily life. 1st prize. From the series "Rural room." Chelyabinsk region.

Valdis Browns, photo club "Moment" (Latvia). 1977. Miscellaneous. 3rd prize. "Happy rain." Newlyweds. Latvia.

Gennady Koposov magazine "Ogonyok". 1964 Pictures of a general nature. 1st prize. "-550". Evenkia.

Alexander Liskin, RIA "Novosti". 1982. Nature. 1st prize. "Graphics Chukotka." Chukotka Peninsula

Sergei Vasilyev, the newspaper "Evening Chelyabinsk". 1990 Pictures of a general nature (history). The incentive prize. A series of "Life in captivity┬╗.

Igor Gavrilov, the magazine "Ogonyok". 1987. Everyday life (stories). 2nd prize. A series of "Payback". In the forced labor camp for juveniles. USSR, Vologda region.

Victoria Ivlev, Photo FOCUS. 1991. Stories in science and technology. 1st prize. The series "Inside Chernobyl". Physicists, members of the Expedition of the Institute. Kurchatov, studying the effects of the Chernobyl accident.

George Pinkhassov, MAGNUM for the magazine "The New York Times." 1993 Arts and Entertainment. 1st prize. A series of "new intelligence". Chinese avant-garde artists with irony and humor oppose uncompromising communist regime.

Leo Sherstennikov magazine "Ogonyok". 1988. People in the news. 3rd prize. "Duet". Andrei Sakharov in the company Anatoly Alexandrov at a meeting of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Moscow.

Andrey Solovyev, Photo ITAR-TASS. 1989. Stories in special news. 1st prize. The series "One hundred thousand demonstrators near the monument to Lenin." The aggravation of inter-ethnic conflict in the Caucasus. Baku, Azerbaijan.

Boris Yurchenko, The Associated Press. 1988. People in the news. 1st prize. "Back in the spotlight." Andrei Gromyko, Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Moscow.

Sergei Maximishin, the newspaper "Izvestia". 2003 Arts and Entertainment. 1st prize. Actors amateur troupe "naive theater company" drink tea in psychology Institution number 7, St. Petersburg.

Alexander Zemlyanichenko, The Associated Press. 1996 People in the News. 3rd prize. "The campaign for president of Russia." On the eve of the presidential elections, Boris Yeltsin joined the musical group. Rostov-on-Don.

Vladimir Velengurin, the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda". 2000. Stories in the general news. 1st prize. "Stripping". Chechen Republic, Grozny.



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