Robot from 1989 - Planar Biped

Planar Biped, is capable of 13 miles per hour 1. Young MC was not the only robot, developed in 1989. Then there was created a group of engineers and robotics lab at MIT, who were busy creating a running man: Planar Biped. Planar Biped was programmed by Jeff Koychlingom - now chief scientist Boston Dynamics - when he was working on his doctoral dissertation. The machine has two telescopic legs connected with the body of the robot due to the half-joints in the hips. Each leg was hydraulic, who worked together with the springs to change the length of the legs of the robot. The algorithms used for controlling Planar Biped concentrated on one leg at a time. When the robot is at rest, the legs are short, then they are extended during a jump and run. Engineers used the same technology as in Planar Biped, but improve them.


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