High Creetah

Creetah - designed and tested to Boston Dynamics for maximum mobility and manipulation DARPA (M3) program, Cheetah has already been added to the fastest robots world record speed of 18 miles / h. However, according to recent data, and as a result of recent research has been found that the Cheetah is clocked at 28, 3 miles / hour on the treadmill, so Bolt wins the maximum speed that is greater than 0 to 51 miles / h. "We do not aim to make the fastest robot in the world, our goal is, what would improve it. "Marc Raibert, president and founder of Boston Dynamics, wrote in an email to Discovery News. Like the animals that inspired the creation of the robot, Cheetah flexes back back and forth like an accordion, which increases the speed of his stride and running speed. ¬ęDARPA all the time working on the improvement of its robotics program," said program manager DARPA, Dr. Gill Pratt, in a press release, "We are all the time trying to improve certain basic capabilities of robots, making them as close to living organisms. We want to give them the properties that living organisms have evolved over thousands of years of evolution: efficient locomotion, manipulation of objects and adaptability to the environment. " Later this year, Boston Dynamics plans to begin testing a free-running version of the Cheetah, capable of operating on natural terrain.


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