Military Assistant Squad (LS3)

Robot Squad (LS3) is capable of speeds up to 7 miles per hour. This speed robot develops on a flat surface, you might think that you can beat LS3, but I would think twice before to arrange the race with this robot. To begin with, to be fair, you need to fasten itself backpack weighing 400 pounds, so will weigh as much as LS3. Developed for DARPA commissioned by Boston Dynamics quadruped robot on hydraulic drive LS3 is designed for use machine vision sensors and GPS-navigation, to monitor the execution of the mission soldiers in extreme conditions. He is able to take physical stress detachment and deliver them from fatigue, carrying weight, four times larger than the average soldier is able to lift. LS3 can run along the rugged terrain, any relief surface. In addition, the robot is able to maintain verbal communication with the soldiers, which will be interpreted in visual commands, similar to how they interact with trained animals. As well, LS3 can be used as an auxiliary power source capable of recharging batteries for radios and portable devices. The three levels of the sensor is head LS3, it allows you to track the movement of four-legged leader and other team members. In a robust housing bot built engine, fans m cargo compartments. LS3 may not have the physique of a sprinter, but what he lacks speed, he compensates for strength and load capacity. If Aesop's fable "The Tortoise and the Hare" teaches us anything, it should be remembered the phrase "slowly but surely", and therefore slow the robot can be a win-win option in many situations.


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