The Pentagon received the first robot mule

This unit has four legs, it can move over rough terrain, shifting myself to 181 kg of cargo, to follow a man to lie down and to rise.

According to the stated plan of the Agency for defense advanced research DARPA, was held the first test in an open area of the prototype, which was called "the walking support system of the team" (Legged Squad Support Systems LS3 or).

Informal name the newborn robot pack mule (pack mule). His tests showed that, using its cameras and sensors mule identificeret the surrounding area, it distinguishes between trees, rocks, various obstacles, and highlights people. Using his "vision" the robot can execute the command "follow the leader", which is the main feature of the project.

According to the requirements of DARPA "mule" should be held on one filling 32 kilometers on the road per day. Also, the robot is equipped with a generator, which is used to charge radios and other electronic devices.

The test results helped the developers to clarify the parameters of the robot, to determine the shortcomings and is likely to finalize the design.

In particular, during these tests, engineers plan to fine-tune the orientation system LS3 to confidently overcome obstacles and accurately track the movement of a particular person.

In addition, the designers plan to give cybersale hearing, so he could follow verbal commands like "come here", "stop", "sit".

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