Secrets of the Pentagon (8 photos)

January 15, 1943 in Arlington, near Washington, was completed the office of the Ministry of Defense. Perhaps in the world today, we do not find another building that can compete in the "mystery" to the Pentagon. All the matter in the form of ...

1. Feng shui, or cherished place

"In the dark-dark forest was dark citadel ...". Maybe years from two to three hundred and will start "scary story" the mighty US military. However, some of the forest was not any. But it was a cemetery and the swamp ...

Somewhere in 1940, the US administration appeared crazy idea - to place all US Department of Defense in the same building. And this is no less than 26 thousand employees scattered in 17 separate buildings in the District of Columbia. Moreover, according to the statement, in the future of the citadel we were to comfortably accommodate 40 thousand people at the same time! In Europe gathered momentum World War II, to which Americans can join at any time, and here is the idea! It is illogical somehow comes out - all the key military commanders under one roof. Even top managers of Coca-Cola, who know the recipe soda, do not fly in the same plane. Nevertheless, the architects immediately after the president began to look for a visual signal area for the construction of the citadel. In Arlington, a suburb of Washington, they have chosen one place that had once been expropriated. They probably would have envied the master of Feng Shui. Most bribed that land was delineated five roads, some of which intersect at an angle of 108 degrees. Most, of course, it had little to say, but architects are good at geometry, and they knew that the lines converge at such a degree in an equilateral pentagon, which the ancient Greeks called "Pentagon».

We will remain a mystery, it was primarily - a place that is found schemers, or project a specially picked and territory. I must say that the place was well swamped, and next to him is the famous Arlington Cemetery, where American soldiers were buried - not the best place for construction. Masters of Feng Shui is unlikely to be approved, but the president of the United States, probably knew more Chinese geomancers - building land has been agreed. The only thing Roosevelt ordered - at the request of the couple - some move for half a mile, the future of the building, that it does not obscure a view of Arlington Cemetery with Washington.


As you know, at the entrance to the Academy philosopher Plato hung the motto "Do not let no geometer will." Today, we can confidently say that the authors of the building of the American authorities, would be taken with the soul capricious Platonists.

Few people know that the Pentagon is still the best possible ergonomics. The building is intersected by ten corridors of the center, which connect the five pentagons come from the center. So, fellow US military can get to any point on the perimeter of the building, at a cost of no more than seven minutes.

Natural ergonomics related to the properties of the geometric figure. Thus, the diagonal of the pentagon form a pentagram, and the point of intersection of the diagonals in a regular pentagon are always points of "golden section". Thus they form another pentagon that during diagonals certainly constitutes another. And so on to infinity. Thus, the Pentagon seems to consist of an infinite number of pentagons, which are formed by the intersection points of the diagonals. This endless repetition of the same geometric shape creates a sense of rhythm and harmony, which is fixed to our unconscious mind.

3. The Navel of the Earth

However, probably not only ergonomic benefits prompted the US military to opt for a figure of a regular pentagon. It plays an important role symbolism itself. Referring again to Plato. The famous philosopher called the most perfect geometrical body of a dodecahedron - a dodecahedron, composed of twelve pentagons. Plato argued that his "God used for the planning of the universe as a model».

In 2003, the analysis of data the spacecraft WMAP, launched by NASA, it has been hypothesized that the universe is the Poincaré dodecahedral space. According to the simulation, the observations showed that the universe is a set of infinitely repeating dodecahedron - regular polyhedra, the surface of which is formed by 12 pentagons.

4.Goroskop Pentagon
Many experts in the field of astrology claimed that the construction of the Pentagon was not without consulting astrologers. The construction was scheduled to begin September 11, 1941 and end January 15, 1943. It is interesting that the terms have been complied with builders, as they say, second in the second, which in itself is an exceptional case - especially in wartime. Astrologers observed in the start and end dates of construction nekoyu "star" pattern. Their attention was drawn to the "world war" - Mars. Construction began when a celestial body was in its sign - Aries, and ended when Mars was at its exaltation (maximum force) - Scorpio. It is interesting that after the commissioning of the Pentagon the US army carried out only successful military operations during World War II.

5. The triple 11 September

This date is mysteriously accompanies the Pentagon. On this day in 1941 began construction of the building in 2001, the Pentagon was attacked by Boeing, and September 11, 2002 the entire territory of the Pentagon re-entered into service. One of the main improvements was a complete upgrade of windows of the building and replacing them on armored. The outer walls of the building were strengthened and made shatter. They were closed leading to the subway station elevators and significantly increased overall security.

Conspiracy theorists are trying to find the matching patterns, but open the riddle factor "September 11" yet no one has. It is interesting that some hotheads, enthusiastic riddles Pentagon predict that in the "biography" of the object should happen two September 11 - to symbolically finish the regular pentagon.

6. Was there a Boeing?

But the real mystery, at least, has become public, it is a terrorist attack of the Pentagon, of 11 September 2001. year. According to official figures, on this day, in 9:37:46, the left wing of the US military Boeing 757-200 rammed. This wing is the command of the naval forces. Part of the building collapsed and was seriously damaged. Curiously, in the moment of impact is this wing of the Pentagon held alterations, and most of his staff were transferred to other offices. Almost immediately after the attack there were dozens of comments, claiming that no plane crashed into the Pentagon. According to the arguments of the doubters, minimal damage to the building after the attack aircraft weighing 100 tons, moving at a speed of at least 300 km per hour. "On the ground in front of the wall is not only no debris but no trace of the grass burning of a huge amount of blazing fuel from (presumably) the destroyed tanks of the aircraft," - written by experts. In addition, after any crash, even the worst, there is always recognizable remnants of the fuselage. In the case of the Pentagon, according to official information, all with the melted remains of a Boeing ensuing fire. Miraculously he survived only a black box records which prove that the board was taken over by terrorists.

Some analysts have put forward the theory that the nature of the destruction of the Pentagon more consistent attack cruise missile "Tomahawk" without warheads with no warhead (explosives) - ramming the aircraft with almost full tanks, they say, was almost completely destroyed the Pentagon. However, the staff department did not comment on the opinion of amateurs. What can the people know, even experts on explosives, the supernatural properties of the geometric figure of an equilateral pentagon? "Do not let no geometer will!". And then, how can explain these doubters, where the same happened to the passengers of the plane that supposedly crashed?

7.Zanimatelnaya arithmetic

While the Pentagon is brewed in the confined space of an infinite number of internal pentagons, pentagrams, "seasoned" golden section, people outside vainly trying to unravel their mysteries. Sometimes unsatisfied official information the US military have to be content with cunning numerological calculations which give entertaining results. For example, the Pentagon was built in 491 days. If, by the method of Pythagoras, the numbers add up (4 + 9 + 1), we obtain - 5 (the number of the Pentagon). If we go any further, by the same method of Pythagoras, and decide to multiply the number (4H9H1), we obtain - 36. If we will not rest on this number, calculate the sum of all integers from 1 to 36, it will turn out - 666. Conspiracy theorists argue that it is for the number of builders worked day and night so as not to fill up the time. But it is possible to negotiate anything.

Incidentally, the Pentagon concluded in her pentagram was a symbol of the famous Pythagorean mystical union, founded by the ancient Greek philosopher. So, the Pythagoreans believed that their emblem not only symbolizes the harmony of the universe, but also able to provide a harmonious effect on the surrounding space. The boundaries of the impact is, of course, depend on the dimensions of the regular pentagon. Thus, the perimeter of Arlington geometric figure is about 1405 meters - that today is enough to have an impact on the whole world.


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