10 most amazing military facilities

This list could be endless, but in the top ten is placed exactly 10 positions. This review presents 10 of the most rare and surprising, to some extent paradoxical modern military facilities.

For example, the place where stored in the preservation of the first aircraft of the Air Force of the world - more than 4,400 units of the aviation and space engineering arranged in neat rows in the middle of the Arizona desert. Like terracotta warriors from the tomb of Qin Shi Huang, the planes were frozen in anticipation of the hour H.

Giant store in the open air aircraft

This is nothing like Davis-Monthan AFB, place of dislocation 309th group on repair and maintenance of aerospace engineering US Air Force (309th AMARG). Each "mummy" is stored aircraft carefully wrapped with plastic film, interior trim removed - a decommissioned aircraft technician is the object of "cannibalization" and a source of spare parts for the drill machine.

The hangars Davis-Monthan boils serious work - outdated "Felkeny" and "Phantoms" are converted into unmanned aerial target drones and QF-4 and QF-16. Experts in "Aviation Archeology" scrupulously poking around in the remnants of the old machines, the most "fresh" samples were selected for subsequent upgrading and sales to third countries.

The air base is a source of considerable income - according to the Pentagon, every dollar invested here brings a $ 11 profit. And do fantastic landscapes Davis-Monthan in great demand among Hollywood filmmakers ("Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man»).


The highest in the world theater of hostilities, located on the Siachen glacier body (Karakoram, Himalayas). The main danger of these places - 6,000 meters high above sea level, according to a mean statistics, 95% of soldiers killed in the Siachen glacier, became victims of unbearable climatic conditions in the realm of burning frost and thin air.

There is not even grass grows, but two irreconcilable enemy continue their crazy opposition to limiting height. Loss Account troops of India and Pakistan are already many thousands; People are dying en masse in the avalanche, thousands of getting frostbite, pants and go missing in the bottomless pit of the glacier.

A quarter century ago, there was now the Ice, and most of the Siachen glacier came under the control of India. Fighting in such extreme conditions annually sucking of 300 million. Dollars from the Indian treasury, but the Indians continued stubbornly to push the enemy. To date, India has about 150 fortified outposts - the most high-checkpoints are located at altitudes up to 7 kilometers. Fear and horror of the ice.

The most mountainous in the world helicopter base. 6400 meters above sea level.


Research Project HAARP is not deprived of the attention of the various conspiracy, schizophrenics and other overly impressionable citizens who see strange design climatic, geophysical or psychotronic weapons.

Officially, High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program - a program to study the Earth's ionosphere with the help of high-frequency radiation. The scope of programs is grandiose: the landfill USAF Gacon (pcs. Alaska) was built a complex consisting of 180 radio antennas located on an area of ​​13 hectares. Antenna field complements the radar of incoherent radiation with a wavelength of 20 meters, a set of laser radar (LIDAR), magnetometers and powerful computing center.

Declared emission power HAARP - 3, 6 MW power facility provides gas power plants and six additional diesel generators.

A powerful tool allows you to stimulate some parts of the ionosphere, like flashes of aurora. Officially - to study the nature of the ionosphere, radio communications solutions applications at long wavelengths, etc. innocent jokes with nature.

However, funding for the Pentagon and articles deaf veil of secrecy around the HAARP allow to doubt the true purpose of the American "plasma gun." According to Russian experts, HAARP is designed to disrupt radio communications and navigation in any selected region of the Earth. With HAARP can disable the equipment of ships and aircraft, radio-electronic stuffing burn spacecraft. Also, do not exclude the possibility of manipulating the weather on a global scale.

Critics of conspiracy theories, on the other hand, refer to the insignificance of energy opportunities HAARP - energy processes in the Earth's ionosphere (for example, under the influence of "solar wind") exceeds the stated capacity of the American installation of antennas on some orders.

World hysteria secret base in Alaska resulted in an unexpected way - in May 2013, due to funding cuts, it was announced that the project HAARP.

SBX (Sea-Based X-band Radar)

Strange design - nothing else, as a self-propelled marine radar base built in the framework of the US missile defense. Nominally, SBX is assigned to the port hells in Alaska, but to date radar platform there never appeared. Instead, SBX runs in the Pacific Ocean, where the missile performs tasks.

SBX is based on the semi-submersible oil platform CS-50. Installation length - 116 meters. The height from the keel to the top of the radome radar - 85 meters (25-storey house!). Displacement - about 50 000 tons. The platform is able to move independently for short distances - it is equipped with six 12-cylinder Caterpillar diesel generators rated at 5,000 hp each.

The main intrigue is hidden inside - under a white cover is a giant radar with active phased array area of ​​384 square meters. m! Radar working in the X-band radiating pulses with a wavelength of 3 75 2 5 cm. AFAR SBX power consumption is estimated at 1 MW.

It is reported that Zorkaya station is able to "see" the North Korean ballistic missile warhead to a distance of 2000 km, and the unique mobile SBX radar installation to deploy a missile defense system in any part of the world's oceans.


"Harbour thousand ships." The world's largest naval base, whose countless marinas and jetties stretch for 17 kilometers along the Atlantic coast.

Employees GVMB (main naval base) Norfolk provides more than 3,000 offshore operations in the year associated with the meeting, and otchalivaniem mooring ships from dozens of countries. Every six minutes from the airport Naval Station Norfolk rises into the air and landing aircraft - Aircraft Command air transport and chartered airliners private airlines annually transported 150,000 passengers and delivered 260,000 tons of mail and various goods needed for the functioning of the base.

Norfolk - the main base of the US Navy's Atlantic Fleet, hence ensures operations in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Indian Ocean. In addition to numerous berths for loading and unloading facilities, warehouses, oil depots and arsenals, Norfolk has a solid infrastructure for the maintenance and repair of marine equipment. Near the base is located 8 shipbuilding and ship repair yards with seven dry and three floating docks and 16 slips - sloping shore platforms for launching ships from the stocks or lifting out of the water with the help of rail trolleys.

The area of ​​the waters of the naval base and the port is 26 square meters. kilometers. The depth of the fairway passes 13-14 meters, which allows the basing of ships of all existing classes.

At the moment, the Norfolk Naval Base is the base for the Registry of 75 warships of the US Navy, including the five nuclear aircraft carriers of the "Nimitz" nine amphibious helicopter carriers, 29 destroyers and missile cruisers, and six nuclear submarines and 15 ships Military Sealift Command.


Another example of a naval theme - secret anti-nuclear shelter for Soviet submarines, officially known as Object 825GTS.

In the early 1950s, the Soviet leadership decided to build a ultra-secure points based submarines. If the US Air Force will be able to launch a nuclear strike on the Soviet city, stopping thus the existence of the Soviet Union, a celebratory banquet in the White House will not last long - from under the foot of the mountain Tavros (Balaklava, Crimea) crawl 7 "avengers hell" with nuclear torpedoes on board and go for a return visit to the shores of Europe and North America.

The underground complex was built 8 years - from 1953 to 1961. Work is complicated by secrecy - garbage generated from ground produces a deep drifts at night on barges to the open sea. In total, therefore, managed to take 120 thousand. Tons of rock. Shelter "A" class, capable of withstanding a direct hit warhead capacity of 100 kt.

An additional condition was the underground base security stealth - the entrances to the tunnels were closed skillfully camouflage nets, if necessary, blocked by floating gate weight of 150 tons.

To date, the object lost much of its value - the size of modern nuclear-powered ships do not allow them to go inside the tunnel. Ten years ago, on the former site of an underground submarine base was organized by the Naval Museum Complex "Balaklava". INSPECTION open area around an artificial canal that runs through the mountain, a few shops and shipyard nuclear arsenal, which stored and torpedo warheads. Domestic and foreign tourists from Europe, the US and other countries called underground base "miracle of engineering».

Edwards AFB

Yankees hamburgers do not feed, but let put some record. And for the record setting is perfect bottom of a dried-up salt lake Rogers (CA).

Here in 1932 was built a special testing facility Air Force, who later became the Center for flight tests of Edwards. The Yankees have cleared the bottom of the dry lake by drawing on its smooth as a table surface 13 runways incredible length. The main attraction was the runway 18/36 (L, C and R) - the world's longest streak with the size of 12 000 x 290 meters.

During the Second World War, were tested at Edwards AFB rocket Bell XP-59A «Eyrakomet" and captured German V-2. In 1959 it was built 6-kilometer railway track for testing ejection seats and ballistic missiles "Polaris". During one of the "races" rocket sled speeding up to 3, 3 speed of sound, and then derailed and crashed.

There was also set a number of world records for speed:

 - October 14, 1947, a rocket plane Bell X-1 under the control of Chuck Jaeger first reached supersonic flight.

 - In the period from 1959 to 1970 were carried out flights of hypersonic X-15 rocket planes. After separation from the carrier (B-52 bomber) aircraft pierced the sky, rising to suborbital altitude and speed of developing 5-6 M. Record figures were dostignuy in 1963: Joseph Walker was able to overclock the X-15 to mark 6, 72M, reaching desperate "dynamic jump" the height of 107, 9 km! After a frantic 15-minute flight, X-15 landed at the bottom of Lake Rogers.

It tested the SR-71, YF-12 and "Valkyrie", hence scrambled "keV Blue" (precursors of the F-117), the stealth B-2 bombers, prototype YF-22 and YF-23, the future fighter "Raptor."

April 14, 1981 at Edwards AFB arrived unusual guest (although you can surprise the staff of the Centre flight test?) - At 10:20 local time at the bottom of a salty lake sat down heavily shuttle "Columbia", opening a new page in the history of space-base champion.

Cheyenne Mountain

Anti-nuclear bunker in the Rocky Mountains, a key point in the management of the Joint North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). It was designed to coordinate the actions of the US armed forces in the event of a nuclear attack by the Soviet Union

The bunker was designed to protect from thermonuclear explosions capacity of 30 megatons. The entrance is a 1400 meter tunnel leading to the main gateway - a pair of 25-ton gate, preserving tightness under excessive external pressure of 40 atmospheres.

Inside it is an underground base with computer center, meeting room and lounge, dining room, medical unit, as well as autonomous power and water supply. At the lower levels of the bunker kept 1,500 tons of diesel fuel, there are 4 groups of batteries. Four tanks pumped 6, 8 million. Liters of drinking water and 20 million. Liters of water for technical needs.

To prevent collapse of the walls in the powerful shake, integrated into the design of the hopper 1380 spring weighing 450 kg each. Also, ensure the integrity of the complex of 115 thousand. Steel pins, swirling in granite at a depth of from 2 to 9 meters.

Bunker "Cheyenne" has reached operational capability in 1966, and was used by the command of NORAD for the past 40 years. In July 2006, it was decided to "hot" preservation of the complex, due to inappropriate maintenance of its future in an active state. "Hot" conservation implies that, if necessary, the functionality of an underground base "Cheyenne" can be recovered in full within a few hours.


Mystical abandoned object in the vicinity of the emergency station.

Horizon radar "Duga" (5N32) of the missile attack warning was able to control the airspace over North America. For his distinctive sound on the radio in the West got the nickname Russian Woodpacker («Russian Woodpecker»).

The height of the low-frequency antenna masts - 150 meters; the length of the array - about 500 meters. With such dimensions, "Arc" is visible from almost any point of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

Proximity of buildings "Arc" to nuclear power is sometimes explained by the high-power radar (according to declassified data, "Arc" has consumed about 10 MW).

However, it should be noted that the representation of an object - only half of the radar "Duga". Chernobyl-2 is a receiving station with a phased array antenna. The transmitter "Arc" is a very different place, 60 km away from the receiver.

The tragic accident at Chernobyl nuclear power plant put an end to further exploitation of Chernobyl-2 - most of the equipment was dismantled and taken to Komsomolsk-on-Amur, which act in a similar station.

A shot up into the sky ironwork "Chernobyl radar" continue to surprise desperate tourists risked a peek at once modal strategic military facility.


Global System for electronic intelligence, approved the alliance of the five Anglo-Saxon countries - Britain, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand (the project "Five Eyes"). With the escalation of the Cold War, joined the project, many NATO countries - Norway, Denmark, Germany and Turkey.

To date, the system "Echelon" has evolved into a huge network of listening devices. Particularly impressive look larger "field" of the station - white grapes, "balls", whose shell protect hidden beneath the sensitive equipment.

The exact description of the "Echelon" classified, however, according to the report of the European Parliament, to the project have to do with dozens of ground-based monitoring stations on all continents, including the British set of Menwith Hill, the Australian Pine Gap, similar objects area airbase Misawa (about. Honshu, Japan), radio engineering complex on the territory of airbase Buckley (USA), etc., etc.

Head curator of the project is the former employer fugitive spy Snowden - US technical intelligence NSA.

"White Dome" can intercept the signals of commercial and military communications satellites, to listen to any radio in the selected wavelength range, including calls to mobile phones (though this is possible only at a short distance, line of sight).

Western media regularly been accused of that system "Echelon", in addition to the fight against terrorism, drug trafficking route tracking and management of "habitual" electronic intelligence in the interest of the military, are often not used for its intended purpose. The impressive capabilities of the global "wiretapping" allow employees NSA to conduct large-scale operations in the form of international commercial espionage and invade the privacy of US citizens. Quite a popular version of the secret contacts with UFOs through these devices.

However, as it is in reality - is unknown. Even the name itself - "Echelon" - nothing more than an invention of the media. Official representatives of the NSA did not give any comments on the fields "white balls".

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