Street Fashion: 8 checkered images from fashion bloggers

The popularity of the cells can not grovel - this universal trend roam on all elements of the wardrobe is not a year or two. In the coming season series hit plaid shirts, skirts and trousers swell plaid boots, bags, ring. Today's article - about the checkered pattern in all its forms, ranging from shirts and finishing accessories. Example of fashion bloggers from around the world to help define their checkered thing in the locker room - how and with what to wear.

1. The long shirt-dress in a cage

This image is from Germany draws attention not only the trend of red-black cells, but also remarkable cut - elongated jacket. This shirt is almost to the knee may be his own shirt, and dress / cardigan. If you dress as such a thing is not satisfied, then ideally it can be supplemented with leather pants, black pants, skinny, leggings or skinny jeans just. A large, thick boots will make the image contrast and brighter.

2. Checkered boots

The relevance of all will now be rubber boots with pattern. In general, a lot of spring shoes paint a cheerful cells in the red, green and white colors. Not a fan of practical rubber shoes, pay attention to the three-dimensional, semi-military models with thick soles or more, but again, thick and stable heel. Plus looks good plaid shoes with lacing, especially contrasting color.

3. Cellular-bag briefcase

An interesting addition to any image will be portfeleoobraznaya bag with checkered motifs. Not only that, she's beautiful, almost universal, so more convenient and practical. As for me, a very good choice. Especially for those who prefer monulki in neutral colors in the image, and who do not have enough vivid detail. And this, mind you, the item is still fashionable.

4. Detective cap

After the popular TV series "Sherlock" theme of London and the popular detective was and remains relevant for several years now. And let the fourth season is still at least a year, someone who, as Benedict and his famous hunting cap with two ends and zavyazochki top one is not going to forget. Plus, she is also in a cage! So the popularity of this accessory not worry. It is a dramatic addition to any image.

5. The skirt is an apprentice

Such a skirt to the knee or slightly above are well known by our schools. Large cells will look great with solid blouses, shirts, jackets. A beneficial supplement to help lift a skirt - vintage accessory that will look harmonious in any style. Just somewhere near this kilt skirts left - the national men's skirt from Scotland.

6. plaid pants

Not surprisingly, the trendy checkered print and got to the most popular parts of our wardrobe - pants. They found different cut, but tight like leggings models do not always look at all well. A good choice would be slightly loose model of cotton with a high waist. Good complement cell narrow strap in black lacquer.

7. plaid shirt

Bit of a waste of a red-black combination, pay attention to the image of Tina from Russia. Girl showing a win-win combination: anything + plaid shirt waist. By "anything" can mean and dresses, and shirts and t-shirts. Plus, this shirt warms the cool spring evening, speaking as early as their primary role.

Plus, this shirt - the perfect match for denim.

8. Short Skirt-sun

Such a model is not quite drawn to the school, and kilt for short. Instead, it blends perfectly with svitshotami, Sweaters, Sweatshirts over-size, leather and studs. So there is a classic and modest manner can not do, then you can experiment and experiment. Well padded, massive silver ornaments and such important symbols of peace and love.


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