Low cost solutions for interior renovation

Live a long time without repair in the usual interior? Do you want to refresh it? Or maybe you just moved into rental housing and redevelopment of apartment we are not talking? Your goal - a budget solution for interior question? Well, apply imagination and succeed!

Option one - to change the point of focus. You can simply rethink the location of your pictures by placing them in some other way, or simply updating the exposure. Create, for example, the decorative panel - you can use pieces of wallpaper with different large prints. In this case, you do not need to make a huge panel, you just get to the very point of focus. Suppose you have created panel will first look at what falls into the room man. We recommend place your picture bigger. Since we are talking about budget decisions, we can recommend a large-format photo or collectible poster, framed by a beautiful frame. Assume that a key part of the interior before there was any thing - safely change it. Purchase, for example, brand new interesting chair will be cheaper than update all the furniture. Here it is necessary to include the imagination: it is sometimes enough to change the furnishings in the room to achieve the desired effect.

Option Two - color game. Painting - Today is an affordable and very simple tool, which helps to make significant adjustments to the interior of the apartment. Do not be afraid to experiment. As one of the solutions - creating dramatic contrast. This can be done by painting the walls in a darker or saturated tone than usual, to which you have long been accustomed. This solution is particularly well suited for the bedroom. You can also add contrast to the usual color. Even moderate introduction of bright color (on one wall or corner) can refresh and change the interior is quite noticeable.

Option Three - lighting. The perception of interior noticeably affect the surrounding conditions. Poluzatemnennaya room thoroughly transformed, if it let in more light. Properly placed local lighting to highlight the desired focus and update the interior.

The final version - the most basic - the imagination. Remember that your house, you live in it. Think about what you can do is more convenient that to rethink it. But do not think casual, think thoroughly. A revision of the basic things. Maybe you are not comfortable in the kitchen or in the bathroom? Maybe it's time to change the mattress on the bed? Maybe some element of the interior is a formality, and it's time to get rid of? Sometimes it is enough to change some little thing, and life becomes much more comfortable and enjoyable. Remember, it is not necessary to pay the full cost of repairs and finishing of the interior to look decent.


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