"Golden hour", or how to change their lives for 60 minutes?

Amazingly, in spite of the apparent congestion and bustle, we rarely think of the present. Brain turns into a reflex organ: a stimulus from the environment - the reaction, stimulus - response. I'm sure if you thought every day at least 60 minutes on how to make their lives better, it would long ago have lived differently. George Bernard Shaw said: "2 percent of people - I think 3 percent - think what they think, and 95 percent of people rather die than be thinking." Start thinking at least 1 hour a day, and you will be amazed to change! Now you can start using a simple but powerful technique fantastic life change - the "Golden HourĀ»!

"The Golden Hour" and Viewpoint

The higher you go, the more you see - do you agree? Often our thoughts are momentary trifles, one day is like another year is replaced by the same year. Many people call this condition by walking around and so live, exhausted from the monotony and boredom. As you know, to see new perspectives need to raise his head and look around, and even better to find the highest point and from there to see the terrain and adjust the motion.

"Golden Hour" - a time when you are at a point of view and are able to see, what did not notice before. Vision is especially important for those who want to overcome the monotony and boredom, and those who want to start their own business. Even without using any additional methods of the habit of thinking for 60 minutes a day can dramatically change your life.

How to think productively

The essence of the method is very simple: you would be alone in a quiet and comfortable place for you and think. 1:00! Every day! If you think it's easy - then I can assure you, it will require some mental effort (especially in the beginning). You ask, "What to think and how to think?" - Good questions. So, here are some tips that will help significantly increase the productivity of your thinking:

1. In order to be maximally productive thinking defines the objectives, or issues that you want to consider and decide. As clearly articulate the desired outcomes (ie what you want). What's most important to you at this time of life? What's stopping you, and that annoying? What do you want? What results do you need? Ideal Final Result (IFR) better written down on paper.

2. Look for solutions to your tasks. How can you reach the goal? Like other to solve such problems? Who can I ask? Where can I find information? What are the ways and methods of the most effective? All options are written on paper.

3. Plan - what should be done to implement the plan. What do you want to do and when you can do it (the plan is just a list of actions that are placed in chronological order). Write down a plan on paper.

4. Keep track of its movement toward the goal, make a plan change, remove from the mistakes of favor, analyze successes, the results obtained rejoice!

Use the "golden hour" for 7 days, and you'll be amazed at the results! Probably, this week you will have time to make several times more cases than in the previous few months! Improves the quality of thoughts - improving life.


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