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The main paradox of our time is that ...
We have constructed buildings are huge, but so small our temperament,
Our highways are wide, but limited to our opinions,
We spend more, but less than we earn,
We buy more, but less rejoice acquired,
We multiply our wealth, but reduce our values.
Our homes have become larger, and the family - less,
More wealth, but less time to enjoy them,
More degrees, but less work that we choose.
Grow our knowledge, but less and less in our ability to analyze and common sense,
We produce more and more drugs, but, paradoxically, our health deteriorates.
We opened the atom, but our prejudices still remain for us a mystery.
We conquer the universe, but our own universe remains a mystery to us.
We have increased life expectancy, but did not fill its meaning.
We quickly judge other people, but forget to put yourself into question just when you need it. But without it we can not change!
We all laugh less and less love. We forget what it means to love ... love life, nature, animals, the world, the sky, the sea, the universe, woman, man, child, all living things on this planet, and, most importantly, yourself !!!
Believe me, learn to love yourself is the greatest gift to yourself.

What would you love, you must first love yourself. It means to love yourself, that would be loved by others. And even if with great love and great fear is born of love, we all need love, we all want to love and be loved, we all aspire to that to love what we do, we all want to wake up in the morning with the thought, "I like what I'm doing ยป!

Otherwise, we do not live, we exist, vegetate, stagnate, we do not do any good, we become useless, we become part of this never-ending succession of people who live their lives aimlessly, those people, whose number is constantly growing due to their own fears, blind beliefs, prejudices and ... ignorance. Ignorance breeds hatred, fear, intolerance and failure. The population of our planet is 6, 8 billion, 75% of whom earn $ 2 a day. After 15 years we will have 10 billion, and if 9 billion of them will wallow in ignorance, and only 1 billion will live in prosperity and wealth, then humanity will face the biggest challenge skotorym it has ever faced. This will mark the beginning of the war, a real war.

Life always finds the right way - enough to believe it, to be ready to accept it, work on yourself, live with passion and to never give up.


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