15 things that are more important than money:

1. Friendship
Regular companionship and camaraderie - Confirmation good life. Friendship does not revolve around the things you want or actions that you can afford - they revolve around the people themselves and their relationships.

2. Physical Health
Health can not be bought, but it can help the personal choices we make every day.

3. Psychological health
On the back of the coin physical - psychological health. The expression of our feelings in a healthy way. Handling problems that bother us, and their solution, rather than avoidance.

4. Experience relationships
Kiss someone. Write a letter to someone, tell them how you feel. Spend the whole day to prepare exquisite meals and eat it by candlelight with your loved one. Make love.

5. Marriage
Adopting another person completely and deeply into your life greatly changes lives. The opening of each particle of yourself to another person constantly stimulates and makes you strive to be a better person.

6. Wisdom
If you think you know the answer, you are not wise. Continue to learn. Wisdom comes from knowing how little you actually know.

7. Passion
What activities make you feel anxious and filled? Those are spices, a dish without which your life is meager and tasteless.

8. Communications
The ability to express our thoughts and feelings to a receptive audience is really invaluable. It allows us to share elements of our inner world with others, something that can not be achieved all the material wealth on this planet.

9. Self-reliance
Money comes and goes. The ability to survive and even thrive without money means that money become much less important.

10. Security
If we direct our efforts to the creation of security and create a corner where we are protected from failure, we are creating a situation where our wealth is much less tied to our ability to earn an extra penny. Laying the foundation for their safety now, in the future we will get a real return.

11. Help others
For most people, helping others gives a sense of joy and satisfaction, something that can not be replaced by any kind of wealth.

12. Personal growth
Every single person has countless opportunities to improve as a person - his behavior, faith, etc. Working on yourself now, you are improving yourself for years to come.

13. Thanks
If you become the path of desire to fuck things that you do not have to thanks for what you have - your life satisfaction rise quickly.

14. Hobby
Many people fall into the routine of life, and do not see from there that true happiness does not depend on the amount of money or buy things. Step back from it. Try the new and find something that you truly enjoy. Often, it is - the most simple things - games, long walks, chat.

15. Spirituality
What is spirituality is not the purpose of our life? Getting to know yourself through reading, examination, meditation, you can have an incredible sense of calm, peace and even joy that is hard to find in other places and it is impossible to find the money.


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