Change the vocabulary to change your life

It would seem that still need to be happy? Simply abandon negative thoughts and live, enjoying every second. But this is the biggest challenge. Very hard to control your thoughts. But you can start with a control over his own words, because they - the form for your thoughts. Even small changes in your vocabulary, can significantly ease your life:


You probably have heard the expression, "He has all around!". As a rule it does not mean anything good. State "shall", as the word itself has negative energy. You must clearly define for yourself what you do not owe anything to anyone and everything that you do, you do, because I want it. Instead of saying, "I have to go to the store," say "I want to go to the grocery store".

"No choice"

"I have no choice, I have to finish the job before I go to the party." This is not true. The choice is always there. What is more important to you work or a party? It is a choice that is completely up to you. Nobody nilly you into sitting on reports. You analyze the situation, predict consequences, compares the possible scenarios and, relying on it to make decisions. Therefore, in such a situation would be correct to say "more wisely will first finish the job, and then go to the party".

"I can not"

How many times have you said these words, although they were not true? "I can not walk anymore, I can not write any more, I could no longer communicate with that person ..." - flies out of your mouth, but not in spite of everything, you do it so far. No word "can not", are the words "do not want". Developing, improving, and then you'll be able to do. Instead of "I can not write", say "I'm not a great writer".

"Can not"

"I'm not going to a famous athlete! That's impossible! I'm too clumsy! "- Not to say phrases such as this. Nothing is impossible! In 1998, the invalid and climb the highest mountain in the world - Mount Everest. In the life of every can happen something impossible, it requires time, effort and patience. So how about "It is possible that I will become a professional athlete, if I give this enough time and effort"?


"I never learned to sing!" - Many complain, leaving a karaoke bar. But even if today the sound of your voice, coming from the soul, causing neighbors desire to shoot, do not worry, it's just today. You can improve, develop and learn new skills to infinity. So instead of "never" tell better: "As long as my singing is not perfect!".

"I'll kill you"

Certainly, almost everyone at least once in a lifetime joke threatened to kill someone. "If he slams the door again, I'll kill him!" Or "If their dog again quantum region of our cat, I'll kill her!" Or "If you call me again thick, I'll kill you!". In a fit of emotion these words easily fly from our language. We recite them without even thinking about their true sense. This is just another way of expressing anger, resentment and anger. But why not take himself in hand and instead: "I'm going to kill you, you're late for an hour" to say "Look, I'm sorry and unfortunate that you allow yourself to be late for a meeting with me"? Perhaps this has on the opponent greater effect.


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