Good habits that will help you to learn a foreign language

The usual system of teaching foreign languages raises his hands and suffered a complete fiasco. We are learning English in school, then College, and as a result all these long years of study can hardly squeeze out a sentence “my name is Vasya”. Instead of something to correct in the methods and techniques, we offer mechanical to expand their useless suffering. Now learn English starting from kindergarten and in school mathematics it displaces from the throne of the most important academic discipline.

However, there is another approach to learning of foreign languages. It is manifested in those cases when a person gets to the appropriate language environment. Here, even with absolute losers takes some incredible things. After two months he starts to understand everything, another two can talk, and a year later umeeet tolerably well to Express their thoughts on paper. All this is because in such conditions learning occurs almost constantly in the background on the machine. Of course, not everyone can travel for a long time abroad, but something similar can be organized at home. Here are some tips that will help you to learn the language “on autopilot” in the normal course of life.

Watching TV, movies, TV shows in the original subterranian simple rule, which, however, is not so easy to perform. At first it may be difficult. This will work only if you use at least half their TV time. The results appear not at once. However, after some time you will notice how you're less looking at the subtitles, and I disable them.

Communicate with native speakers azcunaga fact, every conversation with a foreigner was regarded almost as the contact with the representative of an alien civilization. Today there is the Internet, which as we know has no boundaries. So to find a place, reason and free ears, to practice pronunciation and vocabulary is not difficult. By the way, do foreigners often don't mind, many are impressed by the desire to learn their language and they unselfishly will help you.

Keep a diary or blog in a foreign aseguinolaza a service like Lang-8, you can keep any notes which are subsequently checked and corrected by native speakers. As a result, you will get real practice in using the rules of vocabulary and grammar which will help them to remember better and to use correctly. And in the future, maybe you'll be able to blog in a foreign language.

Change the operating system language and used programmable you are good enough targeting computer and mobile interfaces, changing the language should not become a big hindrance in the work. However, such a measure could be an additional touch to the overall linguistic background that surrounds you. And gradually add to your vocabulary essential words that you'll definitely never forget.

Play games on foreign easycamera modern games, special role-playing genre, represent these interactive stories with complex plot, a huge number of dialogues and supplementary materials. And if you prefer online multiplayer, then this will be added and the possibility of direct communication with foreign players. The result is a fascinating, interesting, not-annoying tutorial foreign language, which is in the form of a game will give you a pretty extensive knowledge.

Use mobile prilozeniyami often we spend much of time waiting. We are waiting for the bus, waiting in the checkout line or at the doctor. It's time to open on your mobile phone foreign dictionary or a special language app and learn a few words and complete the exercise.

Read novostizenit news feeds from foreign sources will help to expand vocabulary and to learn instant understanding of specific texts and phrases. In addition, this will allow you to know the opinions on the other hand, broaden horizons and provide an understanding of what actually breathes our planet.

Advanced level: reading knigreich for many it seems incredibly complicated and even unbelievable. But if you consistently fulfilled all the previous recommendations, reading books in the target language will be your next and quite logical step. Just once you open the book and find yourself thinking that something you already understand. And when you finish it, you will find that you already understand almost everything.published

Author Dmitry Gorchakov


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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