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It's time for us to discuss issues related to the main mens diseases that can occur in boys at different periods of their life, but mostly, of course, at an early age. Often parents with boys appeal to the office of a pediatric surgeon or urologist with complaints about the appearance of babies of different diseases in the genital area. In such cases, a doctor can be recognized different kinds of diseases boys balanoposthitis and phimosis, to edema of the scrotum and cryptorchidism. Let's discuss all these pathologies, so you know when to worry and seek medical care.

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Balanoposthitis in boys.

The term balanoposthitis in boys mean the inflammatory process in the area of the foreskin. Causes of the disease kids are the following factors – many of the boys in the area between the skin of the penis head and inner cavity of the prepuce usually have thin adhesions (synechia). This area is also localized glands, which are actively synthesizing the lubricant, which experts called smegma. It is usually a very small amount to provide a sliding head within the cavity.

When conducting hygiene smegma safely washed off with water and removed with urine. But when you have a cavity prepucialna bag adhesions may occur accumulation of smegma in the form of pieces of secret of the white colour which can show through the skin so-called magnolite (as pebbles). These clusters can have curd structure and thus they are an excellent breeding ground for various pathogens.

If the violation occurs hygiene the ingress of bacteria into the area prepucialna bag, then perhaps the active microbial reproduction, inflammation and suppuration, that gives the development of edema of the foreskin. The tip of the penis and the skin becomes inflamed, swollen and sore, can stand the purulent contents. Treatment of balanoposthitis is carried out conservatively, without surgery.

Sometimes to fight infection and inflammation enough for several days to sled with a weak antiseptic solution (pale pink solution of potassium permanganate, Miramistin, etc.). In some cases, by the decision of the surgeon is the procedure of hydropreparation – enter the solution furatsilina in the area under the skin of the foreskin. In this case, the fluid is actively destroyed adhesions and abscesses are opened. After two or three weeks after recovery of necessary visits to the doctor for re-examination, and when the need arises, dissection of adhesions in the head with a special bellied probe with subsequent hygienic and antiseptic treatment.

The presence of phimosis.

Called a phimosis a narrowing region of the prepuce with inability of removing the head of the penis to the outside. In hypertrophic form of phimosis occurs, the mass excess of the foreskin and head towards it, in atrophic forms of the skin in the head area is extremely small, the skin changed due to the scarring and prevents the removal of the penis. Surgeons distinguish the state of physiological phimosis, which is a normal variant and does not require any curative action. Gradually, as the child grows, it is eliminated by itself, is about this phenomenon we have said many times in separate articles. Phimosis is treated surgically only if there are complications in advanced stages.


This term referred to the absence in the scrotum of one or both testicles as a result of their neomusaria into the scrotum during fetal development. This condition usually diagnosed in the hospital, and after discharge from his child see the surgeon and, if necessary, additional monitoring by an endocrinologist. Usually the testicle descends to its allotted place in the first months of life. If this does not happen, then the planned surgical correction is carried out today in age from one year to three years, and operation in the presence of cryptorchidism necessarily needed, since popestii the egg is in a condition unfavorable for its development. In the scrotum the temperature of the surrounding tissue by about two degrees lower than in the abdominal cavity that will guarantee the normal functioning of the tissues of the testis and further childbearing function.

If it disrupts the thermal balance, then formed cell death egg, they are replaced by connective tissue. When popestii the egg more susceptible to various kinds of injuries, it can be twisted and tissues it can degenerate into seminoma (malignant tumor of the testicle). When cryptorchidism is to distinguish between two different forms – inguinal, in which the testicle is retained in the region of the inguinal canal and abdominal, with a delay testicle in the abdomen. And besides, there is also the phenomenon of false cryptorchidism, wherein the egg is strongly tightened up, and prolapse occurs rarely. To be able to distinguish the true from the false cryptorchidism neomusaria egg, enough the doctor's warm hands in the presence of parents to lower the testicle into the scrotum. False cryptorchidism is considered as a normal variant and does not need any way to heal. Another anomaly in the location of the testicle is ectopic. It is a condition in which the testicle is found either under the skin or in the superficial fascia. Children with identified ectopia of the testicle requires surgical intervention.

Problems with the scrotum.Children can be identified in the so-called syndrome of swollen scrotum,

this particular set of some of the States, United by a common concept. This syndrome includes such diseases as hydrocele, torsion of the testicle, or torsion of appendage (giddity) eggs, different kinds of injuries directly related to the damage of the testis and inflammation in the testicle (arity). When torsion of the testicle there is a pathology in which AMO the egg may make one or more revolutions around its longitudinal axis. In this twisted and squeezed and even nourishing the nerves and blood vessels. This is an acute surgical pathology, which requires immediate surgical intervention. There is no alternative treatment other than surgery, and if you don't do it immediately, for urgent reasons, then there will be necrosis of the testicle.

Torsion suspension fat egg (hydatid blinking), available not everyone of the men. Usually such of the hydatid may be from one to six. This condition usually begins acutely, with a sudden start and a sudden severe pain acute one of the halves of the scrotum, and later in this place is rapidly formed swelling. This critical situation will require surgical intervention. If the operation is not completed on time, then it may be a complication and the egg will lose from 40 to 60% of its functionality because of the formation of inflammation and then scarring.

Sometimes children arise and injuries of the scrotum, in which there is an increase or one half of the scrotum, or throughout its entirety due to the accumulation within it of blood, formation of edema and pain. In this situation, you need to immediately go to the surgeon and decide about the method of treatment of the injury, whether it's conservative or operative correction. With the development of orchitis (inflammation of testis), or the development of inflammatory process in the epididymis (orchiepididymitis) is relatively gradual development of initial changes, usually this happens after a strong and sudden hypothermia or injury to the groin area. If diagnosed correctly and on time, then you will not require any surgical interventions, and performed conservative therapy with antibiotics and uroseptics, they help in the redevelopment of the urinary tract and fight infection and inflammation.


This accumulation of fluid in the scrotum, secreted by the egg shells, which leads to enlargement of the scrotum. Can be isolated when fluid accumulates only in the scrotum or be combined with a hernia, communicated with the peritoneal cavity and the outflow of liquid. This can occur when the birth of a boy and quickly go away on their own as form all the necessary channels in the groin. But if the edema persists, it can negatively affect the testicles, as increases their temperature. This can lead to testicular atrophy and further infertility men hormonal testicular function and problems of intimate life.

This condition requires monitoring by the surgeon and a decision on whether to treat or observe. Usually in early childhood, all go unnoticed, but sometimes it may be necessary to puncture or surgical treatment of hydrocephalus in order for the egg began to function normally. This is usually solved individually.opublikowano


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