The famous phrase-motivators for a healthy lifestyle

 - With the help of exercise and abstinence, most people can not do without medicine. Joseph Addison

 - Health before outweigh all the other good things of life that is truly healthy beggar happier ailing King. Arthur Schopenhauer

 - Let the three main doctor - funny character, peace and moderation - never leave you. Always follow their advice and trust their requirements.

 - If you do not run, while healthy, will have to run when sick. Horace

 - I thought then, and now I think that no matter how much work a person, he must find time for exercise, as it finds it for food. Mahatma Gandhi

 - Health - not everything, but without health everything is nothing. Socrates

 - Our health brings us much less than we are taking our health. Baurzhan Toyshibekov

 - Something that can be sent to hell, but not health. Richard Matheson

 - Health - wise fee ... Pierre Jean Beranger

 - Who calculates secure the health, being lazy, he does so as silly as the person who thinks in silence to improve your voice. Plutarch

 - Take good care of their health. Cicero

 - Health - this is the only good that every robs himself. Michael Mamchich

 - No one to take care of your health, except yourself.

 - Gymnastics, physical exercises, walking should be established in the everyday life of everyone who wants to keep the performance, health, full and joyful life. Hippocrates

 - Good health is better than the greatest wealth.

 - Your health - clean air, water and food. Get up in the morning with joy, go to bed with a smile. You're so happy, smiling - means you are healthy. Do not treat the disease, heal your life, live according to the laws of nature and reason. When there is no health, wisdom is silent, can not flower art, do not play power, wealth is useless and powerless mind. Herodotus of Halicarnassus


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