How to overcome shyness?

Many people are afraid of public speaking or just meeting new people, feeling the heart palpitations, trembling all over the body.

Studies suggest that shyness - is not an innate quality.
There are ways to overcome it.

1. Think about what and why you hesitate.
Try to understand his shyness, and how it manifests in your life. Watch what factors cause this feeling. Knowing the causes of shyness, it will be much easier to get rid of it.

2. correctly perceive yourself and the situation.
Use your subconscious. It all starts in the head, and then it becomes a reality. Do not think that the whole world is looking at you. All too busy to pay much attention to your actions, admit it.

3. Know what you something better than the rest.
Look for a strong hand. Certainly, there are things that you are doing better than others. Love yourself for their dignity, and do not worry because of the failures. Ideal people do not!

4. Carry out work on the bugs.
Make a list of situations that forced or make you feel uncomfortable. Begin work on the bugs on this list. From simple to the most complex. But remember, all at once can not be achieved, so do not be sufficient at all time. Gradually, every day a little bit work on yourself. Even the smallest victory will give confidence and a desire to move on.

5. Do not compare yourself with others.
Never compare yourself to others. Everyone is trying to hide their bad qualities, and put on display achievements. You are quite different, unique person! Let you perceive this as you are!

6. Get to meet new people.
Search for new friends. Go to the courses, there goes a lot of interesting people. This will allow you to see the world through different eyes, learn something new, to raise their self-esteem.

7. Be proud of yourself.
Keep a notebook in which to record all your achievements. Re-read again and again about their victories. Start proud of yourself!


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