Shy people - the most generous and inspiring by nature


If you are one of those who for no reason blushes and feels uncomfortable in large companies, we have for you a great news. Even two! First, most of the others it seems that you are very reliable and friendly person. And the second: they did not just think! < Recent studies have confirmed that shy people are the most generous and really trustworthy.

Here that on this occasion said one of the participants in the study, Doctor of Psychology Matthew Feinberg:

Shyness - a sign of people with a good heart. Our work shows that it is really very good quality, not something with nothing worth fighting for.

Feinberg sure that shyness can be useful both in business and in personal life. At work, shy people inspire others to cooperate, and after work is collected around him a small group of these friends.

The study took place in several stages. First, the volunteers were asked to recall the most awkward moments of their lives. Most often, they recalled how in public transport called pregnant women who are overweight or have mixed casually dressed man with the homeless. All the stories were recorded on video, and then, having studied the facial expressions and gestures of the volunteers, the researchers could tell which of them was more shy. After that, the test was offered to play a "dictator." This is a game with a fairly simple rules: each received 10 lottery tickets, some of which had to leave myself, and some - to distribute. < It turned out that the more restrictive the study participants were given more lottery tickets, which indicates a high level of generosity.

In another experiment, a fake actor, being surrounded by the volunteer subjects in different situations behaved or embarrassing, or confident. It turned out that with a shy version of the actor's surrounding like to talk more. < When he pretended to hesitate, to him immediately approached for advice or just talk

This study conclusively proved that natural shyness - this is not a disadvantage, to be fought, and a treasure that should be cherished. After these results, scientists have thought of another study, scheduled to be held soon. They are interested, Does this mean that overly confident people inspire confidence. Here do you think?



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