How to make a convenient carrying case for glasses for 10 minutes

Some covers have become huge glasses do not fit in a handbag. < Website I know how to make a very compact and functional case for glasses, and enjoys sharing with you

You'll need:. a piece of soft size 30 × 30 fabric cm, paper, scissors, chalk (also suitable marker or anything that leaves mark on the paper), needles, thread.

To begin printing with the paper template that is located below. template size is determined by the size of your glasses. Cut the printed paper template.

Put it on a piece of cloth and draw out the chalk or marker.

Carefully cut out a piece of circled. Try on the glasses and correct scissors if necessary.

Now we need a fabric strip width somewhere around 1 cm and 35 cm. Its length can be cut from the tissue that we use to cover itself, or any other.

Put one end of the strip in the middle of our preparation and sew her stitches in the form of the letter X in two places, as in the picture.

Done! If the fabric strip is long, it can be shortened.

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