12 simple ways to overcome the fear of air travel

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During the whole year we look forward to the holiday period, to finally go to a warmer climate. However, because of the fear of flying many people think about the upcoming journey with anxiety.

We Site decided to find out whether it is possible to overcome the fear of air travel, and found 14 really effective ways.

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1. Use the theory

Many people are afraid of air travel due to the fact that subconsciously do not understand how a huge iron large object may well hold fast in the air. In order to overcome doubt, it is enough to study the theory.

Googling, you will learn:

  • The plane kept in the air is no worse than a car kept on the road.
  • Turbulence, in other words, this movement for "rough air" as a loose way.
  • Managers carefully prostragivajut the flight path, so planes don't collide.
2. Examine the statistics

Statistics is your friend, because, according to estimates, the chances of dying in a plane crash is extremely small (1 to 30 million). For effectcompare this risk with other risks.

  • For example, it is much easier to die from food poisoning, than from the crash.
  • The most dangerous vehicle — vehicle. The plane about 6 thousand times safer.
  • Right nowin the air is about 13 thousand, each of which has at least one frightened passenger. And he will be happy when the plane successfully landed.
3. Prepare to feel

Often the panic rolls on passenger planes because of the freshness of feelings. Our body can respond to the changing pressures, so check in advance, what about the plane and your body will happen during the flight.

  • Lung the change in well-being — is the norm.
  • Huge speed during takeoff and landing is the norm.
  • The movement of the wings when flying is the norm.
  • Climb you would think that the plane stopped but it is not.

4. Learn how the airport operates

It becomes easier if you see how many people daily Shuttle in flight and the regularity with which the planes undergo maintenance. Pre-visit an airport and just watch his life.

  • Every 5 years the plane passescomplete a thorough inspection and repair.
  • The plane passes the health check before each takeoff.
  • Intermediate full scan shall be held not less than once in 3 months.
5. More fly

People who are afraid to fly, note that the fear passes, if you do it more often. As soon as the flight ceases to be a significant event, the fear of it disappears.

6. Take a virtual

You might think it's frivolous, but, according to studies, the flights in virtual realitygradually help cope with the fear of travelling by plane. Therefore, if it is not possible to fly more often in reality, maybe I should try to do this virtual?

7. Avoid bad news

Try before you fly to protect yourself from bad news screaming about terrorism, plane crashes and accidents associated with air travel. And especially do not dive in there, looking for information about old accidents.

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8. Breathe right

If you feel that during the flight he crept fear, cope with it, without allowing it to escalate into panic. For example, you can adjust the breathing:

  • Drag the breath for 4 seconds.
  • Hold your breath for 4 seconds.
  • Extend the exhale for 4 seconds.
  • Hold your breath for 4 seconds.
  • Continue until you feel that fear recedes.
  • During the exercise you should breathe with your belly.
9. Accept the lack of control

Largely fear of air travel is that you can not control this process. So take yourself to the fact that aircraft operated by experienced, professional pilots, qualifications which are sufficient in order to emerge from the most unexpected situations.

10. Try to distract

Not to think about the possible consequences of the flight, try to shift attention:

  • esteem book;
  • compete with the satellite in the "city»;
  • have a meal;
  • play around on the phone;
  • work in the mind of the mathematical examples.
11. Use your imagination

Imagine that city, which will soon be. Or think about any place where you feel good and relaxed. Immerse yourself in dreams or memories.

12. Don't let fear overwhelm you

Fasten on the wrist of thin rubber. If fear does not work and you feel that soon he will grow into a panic itself, click the rubber band on the wrist. A slight prick of pain make you feel better.

Recommend that you save these tips and share the article with your friends, suffering flight. The site wishes you a pleasant flight and a great holiday.

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