A woman should do only one thing - to store energy

"A woman should do only one thing - to store energy. Accumulation and storage of energy - it is the mission of women. Husband, coming home, crouches to this source of energy to replenish their energy reserves. Tired wife did not need.

It is a misconception that the wife has to work on the house. Do not get the energy from his wife at home, the husband gets tired easily, and things go wrong. Working wife, whether even a simple homework, draining and saps the strength of her husband, even swept the floor can result in trouble in the affairs of her husband. The wife should have only those activities that increase its power and that it is engaged in for pleasure. The wife does not have to do any work of the house without getting him joy and pleasure. She wants to draw - let draws wants to embroider - let embroider, wants to sing - let it sing. But if he does not want, let them does not. She has only one true function - to be the energy source for the family.

Woe to those husbands who accused his wife: "You are all day in front of the mirror sat, it would be better to do business." The woman - a land that receives the seed. And the land shall rest, to give birth to harvest, as well as the flowers to bloom in the spring, have a rest in winter. And a woman to give birth and to conceive, should absorb the energy. And what could be better for a woman than a mirror and admiring him. Good and intelligent man and thin wife of praise, but one that the cat purred, light up, and actually prettier starts so that the neighbors will envy.

The woman - a fireplace in the house, and no fire is not it - the hearth? A woman is not worth worrying about classes. There is nothing in the world more valuable energy. It for the money, it happens, you can not buy. Therefore, the cast at the feet of women and the state, and the earth, and peace, and life itself. ยป

From ancient Chinese treatise.


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