Uncle Jack

Listen to a story. In the Tula region in the village there is one small Gremyachy Bolnichka. There are people of all ages, mostly elderly. But we call this place home for the elderly, because in fact, they are there forever ... and no one to pick them up, or rather there is someone, but not at the same time, they shoved them back, then to pick up ...
Is there one uncle, his name is Eugene Tsvetkov. I want you to remember this name.

When you walk into the hospital - becomes stuffy and bad from a terrible smell ... No, it's not because they do not clean up, just so repair and conditions - no other way. Salary nurses ranges from 4 to 7000, and they did not turn up his nose from peeing in your pants elderly, moreover, they can talk to them and hold the handle and sorry ... There are hospitals and among the inhabitants of war veterans and just ordinary people, there are artists , singers, poets ... By vocation.
And all of them - are not wanted. Neither the state nor the relatives. Our assistance - a drop in the sea, as if we did not try to somehow brighten up their lives - we do not replace the warmth of the family, we will not give the care that should give a son to his father or brother, sister.
The answer to the blind grandfather, asking "where is my son? He promised to come back year ... ยป
In such places, there is always something frightening and terrifying. Many do not go, saying, I can not look at it.
The first trip I was also hard. When he died, Uncle Nick, I sobbed into my pillow half the night ... He just did not have time to look at the world and to us, even though we spoke, he seemed to see us, for many of us it felt ...
But gradually become hardened. You understand that you must now cheer, and do not cry. This is your mission ...
Evgeny Tsvetkov
Ordinary uncle and many of Gremyachy, nothing noticeable. Loves to play guitar and sing, and asked the girls somehow bring him a guitar and give play ... They brought and he was so happy ... On one trip, we learned that it was the Chechen ... And Aunt - nurse said of him that he is constantly talking about children about how to rehearse songs, holidays, they resort to it and together they prepare festive costumes, the whole speech and act somewhere in the local House of Culture. Says that children live on the 3rd floor in the hospital.
Only in this hospital is no third floor and never was.

Today I saw his picture in the news in the Emergencies Ministry group ... That's what it said:
Sailor rescued from the Tula region dozens of children fell through the ice
Children riding on a sled, which was drawn by a horse through the village Gremyacheye (Tula region). Cracked ice on the pond, and the children fell into the water. A resident of the neighboring village of Pushkar, sailor Evgeny Tsvetkov at this time walking around the dam. Noticing something was wrong, Eugene, without hesitation, rushed to help.
He took out the children out of the hole and forced to flee the village. Eugene pulled from the water about thirty children. After a while, exhausted sailor lost consciousness and local fishermen took him to the hospital. Hero only regret that I did not manage to rescue four children, which claimed over.
Uncle Jack, we will come to you in our home already Gremyachevskuyu hospital. Brought to you oranges and say thanks to you for 30 children's lives. Over 30 families. Over 30 lives.

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