Anna Prugova

Goalkeeper of Russian ice hockey Anna Prugova, which is a pupil Khabarovsk sports school and soon will perform at the Olympic Games in Sochi, has agreed to participate in a photo shoot. According to Anna herself, such a step it pushed the idea to remind the male half of the population that hockey players - it is primarily girls!

Goalkeeper of Russian ice hockey Anna Prugova posted photographs with the image of the photographer Irina Zapylaevoy-Gamow on personal pages in multiple social networks.

A few days in a swimsuit photos of Anna and without ammunition hockey scored a huge number of marks "I like it", and the number of fans increased athletes back in several times.

Prugova in interviews repeatedly mentioned that to her like a photo shoot - it is an occasion to relax the soul and remind all fans of the sport that hockey players, despite the complexity of the sport, especially girls.

 - For me, this photo shoot - it is an opportunity to show people that hockey players - it is primarily girls, and after the athletes. In addition, we constantly see in bulky ammunition, under which it is impossible to see anything - says Anna Prugova.

Khabarovsk is Prugova pupil school ice hockey, it is world-class athlete and a goalkeeper Russia women's national ice hockey team.



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