Caution Russian beauties

3: 1 in favor of Russia !!! Female Russian national hockey team won first place in the group after defeating Sweden in the Olympics in Sochi.
As in the previous match against the Japanese national team, Gates defended the Russian Anna Anna Prugova. She is only 21 years old. But this is her second Olympics!

 - Girls - well done. They did not allow rivals to throw, the work I have almost was not. Well, maybe a few times to help out - modest women's team goalkeeper. - My business is small - to catch the puck, it's my only goal. However, a colleague of Anna Anna Prugova - men's national team goalkeeper Sergei Bobrowski admitted that, for the first time visiting a female ice hockey match (along with other players-men), was pleasantly surprised. Including the game keeper.
 - It was very interesting, and very serious passions, and great power - recognized Bobrowski. - Anna Anna Prugova - generally well done, worked well, tried, I really enjoyed it.
It is known that male goalkeepers lovingly painted their helmets funny pictures. Russian girls come up to mount to "pain in the ass" ... pink bows. Anna Anna Prugova does that, but at her from under the helmet sticks playful blond ponytail. But when Anna was 14 years old - the first time in the history of Russia! - Allowed to play with the boys, the male judges matches begged her to hide under the pigtail ammunition ...
In hockey gates Anna Prugova appeared when she was 11 years old. After the match went on, "Cupid" sick sport. I fell in love!
When she decided to deal with hockey, # ZaschischatRossiyu parents tried to dissuade Hockey ?! Female ?! Maybe another sport after all? And then, resigned to the idea, Dad made my daughter a gift on March 8 - the goalkeeper's form. And believe me, it was the long-awaited gift.
 - I have not even looked at the fielders. Goalkeeper - wow! The Last Frontier! It draws ... to be saved for all - an indescribable feeling! - Enthusiastically tells Anna Anna Prugova.
Just imagine! Goalkeeper women's hockey team - graceful girl weighing 62 kg - literally breast protect Russian gate to the ammunition shot 20 kg! But Anya it seems much more interesting and more fun than a lifetime of cooking soup. At 21, the girl was able to prove that it is also the stronger sex. But at a meeting with her male colleagues are still not a friendly hand shake and kiss.
We cheer for our! Cheers women's hockey team! They in fact only the beginning ...


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