21 life hacking

Many believe that they cook's best friend, the only problem is that many of them are prepared so small that do not even know how to cook rice or boil eggs. But today life hacking though not trivial, which is very pleasing.

1. Use two cups to cut corn kernels from the cob
First, you need a small bowl and cup. A cup Wrap a towel and put it in the middle of the basin upside down. Put in the hole cup or pialki corn head. Take a knife and carefully cut kernels.

2. To separate the stalk from the head of cabbage, a good slap them on the table

3. If the pre-soak the paste, it is possible to cook for a minute
If you soak for a few hours or even overnight package pasta in cold water, then in the morning they cooked almost immediately.

4. To remove a large bone, without damaging the pulp, use a large knife

5. Avocados can be easily cleaned if to cut it, as SIFCO
Then took out the pulp with a spoon.

6. To the board does not slip, use a paper towel or napkin

7. Use a spoon to remove the peel kiwi

8. If you need to spread the butter over the dish, shove it in the freezer and grate

9. To cut cherry tomatoes all at once, hold them between two plastic covers and then prosun between blade

10. To make the caramelized onion, add a little soda


11. If you need to get the corn from the cob, shove it in the microwave


12. If you want to chop the ginger, it is better to rub it on a grater than chop into dust


13. Popshikay its grater spray with non-stick coating to the strip of cheese easily leave her


14. Bake lemons and limes in a microwave oven to squeeze more juice out of them


15. In order to clean the head of garlic from all impurities, shove it in a sealed bowl and shake well


16. Use cutting for apples (from your friend should be) to perfectly cut potatoes


17. Vary the potatoes in their skins, there was no need to clean it


18. Freezing meat to evenly cut it into sticks and pieces


19. Use a paper clip to remove a bone from a cherry


20. If you want whipped cream, just zaley them in a jar, cover and shake well


21. To make it easier to clean up a lot of eggs, shake the eggs in a bowl thoroughly so that they fought against each other


Source: brodude.ru


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