Fashion and Art

Every year, designers are looking for inspiration to create new memorable collections. Fashion Spring-Summer 2014 proved as never abundant in the creative interaction of designers and representatives of the art world: artists, photographers.

The intricate or simple, reflecting some historical periods, comical or full of deep meaning - these are the prints that flooded the catwalks.


British designer Giles Deacon Giles brand Latino generation 90, when London experienced a flowering of pop culture and fashion. His idea of ​​a kind of melancholy for the past Gilles expressed using photos transferred to canvas products show spring-summer 2014 were taken as the basis of the work of British fashion-photographer and filmmaker Glen Lachforda.

In the 90th Lachford was widely known in fashion circles: shot advertising campaigns for Yves Saint Laurent and Calvin Klein, Prada collaborated with, and even tried to force as editor of iD and European versions of Vogue.

As for Gilles, he and Glen once reputed to be friends, and only recently re-closer thanks to Instagram. Gil wins the images that in his opinion, it is best to convey the mood of the collection. Thus were born the huge prints, like the monumental paintings, which adorn the best top model 90: Kate Moss, Amber Valetta and others.

Besides the works of Glenn Lachforda transferred to products, Gilles decided to pay tribute to the person of another cult 90s - a group the Rolling Stones, the popular British rock, which is impregnated with the spirit of fashionable London so far.

Louis Vuitton

Unforgettable, theater, monochrome latest fashionable distance Marc Jacobs as creative director of the French fashion house Louis Vuitton has been successfully overcome by the influence of the arts. It is for the collection spring-summer 2014, Mark turned back to the American artist and designer Stephen Sprouse - King street street art.

Star Stephen lit in times of iconic New York club Studio 54. In the yard were 80th. Street graffiti paintings were popular and soon became the hallmark of Stephen, allowing him to enter the world of high fashion: friendship with the great fashion-photography by Steven Meisel, the release of several of their own clothing collections.

Mark was inspired by the works of Stephen before - when working on collections for Louis Vuitton in 2001 and 2006. Both collections were critical for a brand with a long history, it is so provocative luxury goods brand has never looked.

This time creative collaboration of Marc Jacobs looks back defiantly, as graffiti prints were placed on virtually transparent product collection.


The relevance of fashion 80s and 90s confirmed by Phoebe Philo of Celine. Her collection is imbued with rebellious street-graffiti drawings, recreated from photographs on products Frenchman Gyula Halas, known under the pseudonym of Brassaï.

Hungarian nationality, most of his creative life in Paris Brassai had, lifting his dark side. His photographs were often very provocative to achieve maximum realism, design, Brassai often invited to pose their friends, sometimes in a very forthright manner.

Bright memorable prints on articles in the collection of minimalist Celine look fresh and unusual, Move, the spirit of freedom and boundless lust for life.


Miuccia Prada for the collection of Prada Spring-Summer 2014 took as a basis for feminist mood of women of the modern world that expressed by means of giant prints of portraits in the spirit of political street art mid-90s, thus expressing and its position, urging women to fight for their rights.

Dolce & Gabbana

For the design duo of Dolce & Gabbana prints - a way of expressing love for their homeland - Sicily. This is the important part of each of their collections, without which there would be no real creations of the fashion brand.

At this time, Domenico and Stefano turned to history. Museums monumental canvases, skillfully transformed into themed prints on the products collection tells the story of the relationship of ancient cultures - Greece and the Roman Empire: the ruins of the ancient amphitheater, gold coins with images of warriors and tender branches of flowering almond as the quintessence of femininity and spring.

And the images of the models have been recreated under the inspiration of the best film of the great images of Sophia Loren.


Californians Carol Lim and Humberto Leon of Kenzo seriously puzzled by the question of salvation of some species of fish exposed to massive uncontrolled catches in recent years. Photos tuna, trout and cod have been transferred to the product, calling the show and visitors to reflect on the real environmental problem.

Living near the ocean, of course, leaves its mark on the collections of designers. Surfing, all kinds of shades of water - so they see the new spring-summer season, Lim and Leon.


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