How to learn to save money?

There is one very simple way, that teaches to save even the biggest spenders. He is to lay 10% of their income. Many will say that they do not have salaries, and save money with it is impossible. Believe me, you can live on a much smaller amount than the one you spend on life now. Here are some simple tips to help you save money:

1. Pay yourself first.

Pay yourself - not to buy a new jacket or coveted gadget. All month we spend money on the need and pay ZhEKu, shops, pharmacies, but not currently. Therefore, pay yourself first - put off 10% of your income that anyone but you do not belong budut.Vazhno you to do it as soon as you receive a salary, bonus, or just somewhere to earn some money.

2. Spend deferred money only if they bring you even more money.

This money can be invested in a business that will bring you more money, or attributable to the contribution that will also bring albeit small, but interest. Money should not hang a dead weight, otherwise inflation will slowly they "eat". And remember: should invest only when you are sure of getting a return on this investment.

3. Once you have postponed their 10%, forget about them!

Do not keep in mind that you where in the bins have extra money. Since then, as you put off put 10%, the remaining 90% turned to 100%.


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