The Seven Habits of people who survived the dashing nineties

The behavior of a man who was young and grew up in dashing the nineties, can be almost guaranteed to predict. The fact is that such people have formed a number of habits and ideas about life that do not bring a hot iron. Most likely, these characteristics in themselves and find you ... Or not? < Website publish post LJ Blogersha Moraine Morana of those who survived the nineties.

We are able to defend themselves. This is a great benefit. Those who grew up and lived in the 90s, will never be the sheep. We have even in a nightmare you can not imagine a situation in Cologne. Our guys are not rags. They may often lazy. And do not always know how to make. But they never left their women at the mercy of insolent creatures. For every man whose youth was spent in this difficult time, I would give the two young.

We do not trust the system. This is one of the most notable pobochek 90 that I met. Our people initially look at any initiative states with suspicion. Especially if we are talking about something serious, such as pension reform. Voluntarily our people will not give their money deposited with the government almost never. Rather, it will put them in or take out currency abroad at the earliest opportunity. Perhaps it will take years to get something changed.

We do not know how to save money. For the same reason, which I wrote above, many people of my generation do not know how to save money. For example, I do not know the word at all. Well, and how to save them if they burned in childhood, flowed between the fingers. I remember how my mother and I walked briskly to the stall, buy me a Snickers. After paying the seller and handing me a piece of chocolate, my mother sighed. - But this is a thousand, which lay on your 18th birthday! - she said. Since then, I consider myself to be that breed of people who have the money "hand harnessĀ».

We are afraid to complain. We grew up in a time when the police do not have trust. Trust, in principle, no one should. We were surrounded by bandits, criminal schemes, corruption and lawlessness. Since then, our people are very afraid to complain. Suddenly everything tied? So often a person goes, hurt and frightened. And polls Report - everyone is happy!

We really do not like restrictions. accustomed to the boundless freedom and permissiveness, our people is difficult to accept a world in which there are restrictions. Some still believe that the Internet is a global cesspool that exists for the splash of aggression for the content that does not have to pay, and you can throw a banana peel on the street. Especially if no one sees. Do not worry, we will grow up!

Our women - the most beautiful. In the late 90's, early 2000's it took caricatured form. In any city can be distinguished compatriots on the shortest skirts. Now settled down a bit. But the trend remains. Our women love dresses and skirts, heels and jewelry. Women 90 still carry the spirit of emancipation and freedom. And there is something in it ...

And the most important feature of our know what?

We are not afraid of difficulties. Because whatever crisis does not threaten our current situation, we know - as it was then, will be gone. Those who survived the dashing and reckless time, and now survive. We - the people, tempered by fire. And it means that we - the people increased strength.



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