20 The main rule of life that will reduce your way to success:

1. The idea that we pay one time, acts as a magnet, attracting into our lives the relevant events.

2. We will pay for both action and omission - though different prices. Inaction is more expensive, and the avoidance of errors and failures does not make us happy.

3. Opportunities appear after the adoption of internal decisions.

4. To make our lives something changed or manifest must make room and prepare the ground, getting rid of false beliefs and old habits.

5. In order to change and change the direction of his life, it is necessary first of all to stop.

6. Thought - material. Everything we think, what we dream and what we fear, invariably manifested in our reality.

7. Everything that happens in our lives, is the result of our thoughts and actions. And if something goes wrong, then the cause must be sought not in the external world and within themselves.

8. In our life there is no chance and coincidence. We attract into your life that corresponds to us, our intentions, expectations and thoughts.

9. It is enough to look around and look to what is happening around us, to understand what to learn and work to do.

10. As far as we are able to trust life, determines our confidence in the future. What to expect is what you get.

11. It is impossible to foresee everything.

12. You can not change your life, doing nothing for it.

13. The most important tasks in our lives are those solutions that we avoid.

14. If the route of his life, we choose not to, then we can be anywhere.

15. The life that we live - is the result of our conscious or unconscious choice. We are constantly making choices. And even when we do not choose, it is also making a choice.

16. Nobody likes change. It is important to find a way to break away from the past.

17. For a complete happiness to us all the time something is missing. Content with little hard, but the hardest to settle for many. You can gain the whole world and lose his own soul.

18. If we do not control our thoughts, they control us.

19. The higher the level of our development, the more opportunities we offer, the more we can take from the world and to give him.

20. If you know the rules of life, but does not use them, then you're wasting your time.


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