The Belarusian economy

Many believe that the growth of the Belarusian economy - it is a merit in the first place President Alexander Lukashenko. I like Belarusians often hear eulogies and how Lukashenko "raised" industrial production and agriculture. Of course, with regard to industry, few people know that the GDP growth of Belarus also provides an interesting technique - enterprises that are controlled mainly by government officials, are required to show the growth of production. While sales remain quite weak point of such enterprises. Production to the warehouse is considered investments in stocks, so the actual growth can show such a budget will allow - we produce and put into storage. Enterprises same state. Just these warehouses is not rubber. Before you venture territory of the Minsk Tractor Plant. I do not want to argue on the subject, good or bad Lukashenko. Just in many ways, as soon as the state represented by the official begins to look for a way to solve some of the problem is not solved this problem as the economy really needs.

Tractor in general basically good.

Tractors almost new, but judging by the state of the wheels, they are already quite long.


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