The new rules

Mr. Medvedev,

I read the news about the introduction of "social norms of consumption of electric power" 70 kW per person per month. This information prompted me to write to you this letter to inform you that you are, in my opinion, an incredible world-door-ball. As your druzhbany with which this rule and you are going to enter.
I bring to your attention the artless calculation.

I live alone.
Suppose that I write these lines, sitting in the room. It is illuminated by four energy saving (like you and settled) bulbs to 15 watts each. It's not so much. Not that my room would be as bright as day. But I, for example, enough. Let us assume that I burn the bulb for 6 hours per day. 60W x 6:00 = 360 W / h, i.e. 10, 8 kWh / month.

And in the kitchen I have exactly the same four light bulbs. I do like a hyena, like gloom. I understand that you would be better that I loved the most perfect darkness, like a mole, but I'm still working on that skill, and, frankly, fully please you I can not.
For comparison - when you give your next interview mirdvermyachnoe pocket channel on your trunk shines several devices at 500 watts each. But I'm not a spender: 4x15 = 60 W just dipped my kitchen in a nice mysterious polusumrak. This polusumrakom I use, say, 3 hours a day. Total - 5, 4 kW / h per month.

In the kitchen I have a refrigerator hums. I keep it in the products, Mr. Medvedev. I eat them. Especially I try to emphasize on the carrot - it improves the vision in the dark. So, this thing - I'm on the fridge - relates to the energy efficiency class "A", ie eats, the assurances of the manufacturer, about 365 kWh per year. In the last month, so, 30 kW.

Despite the fact that I would like to live exclusively spiritual life, I, alas, have to, Mr. Medvedev, sometimes to shit. Let's say that my WC modest illuminated by two light bulbs 20 watts. In the same room I wash, shave and pochёsyvayus. Give me 2 hours a day on everything about everything? Total 20 Watts x 2 hours = 40 W / h per day, ie 1, 2 kW per month.
I might have to shit in the dark - you reasonable notice. To this I will object to you that in this case drastically increase the cost of toilet paper, cleaning and washing clothes, and I'd like to save, because you are with your mirdvermyachnymi druzhbanov insist that economy.
No? It does not matter ?! You - not just mirdvermyach and cruel mirdvermyach. But be on your way. 1, 2 kW / h I will not include the monthly norm.

Exit the bathroom, and I motioned to draw your attention to mirdvermyachnoe makers. It is electric. Its power - 2 kW. I try not to include it unnecessarily, but 20 minutes a day out, anyway. I'm drinking tea. That is, it seems to me that I drink tea, and you see how I literally drink 2kW 3 days = 20 kWh / month.

Approaching the kettle to properly consider the electrical bastard, seize the country has so much power, you may pass by my computer. Its power supply is written "600 W". I'm not very good at computers and power supplies, so if you specify down to me that this is it, the computer power - I agree with you quickly. Four hours a day, for example, I'm working at the computer. I read, write, play and stare at naked women. Especially for you, do not mention the word "torrent", and that some of your mirdvermyachnyh druzhbanov word excites stronger than excite me naked women.
No! no! do not leave! I admit that I am an immoral and expanding type - but we are now on energy consumption, is not it? - A positive, moral types, examples of virtue, consume much more electricity. So, where were we? On the computer! - 4 hours a day x 600 Watts. = 2, 4 kW / h per day = 72 kWh / month.

You still offended and decided to get away from my weak-sighted, poorly lit apartments, where spirituality is presented only pornography? - Sorry, sorry ... when you put on one's shoes, lean on the washing machine. Yes, alas! - She eats 1 kW / h,

wash program goes just about an hour, and I erase, say, six times a month. Every, say, 5 days. It's not that I stink. I could, of course, stink, Mr. Medvedev, and wash less, then you are right. I hasten to apologize now, while you are still here. How many more do we have here? - 6 kWh / month. Well, after all, try to understand me, I just want to be damned clothes looked clean. In my apartment, because of the lighting, all the clothes look clean, but natural light in the street gives me head.

Excuse me, distracted. What we've got something?

10, 8 + 5, 4 + 30 + 20 + 72 + 6 = 144, 2 kWh / month.

Notice! - I did not do anything! I just ate, sat at the computer, drinking tea and a little washed. And to shit and I was ordered to bathe you in the dark.

I did not watch TV, do not include DVD, I do not listen, do not use an electric, not dried hair dryer contingent and conditional shoes - Dehydrators not charge the phone, not vacuumed the apartment. I forbade the ladies include sconces and bedside lamp, not to mention the romantic lighting anything. I did not think about the electric drill and other power tools. I swear! - Do not charge any batteries. I pointedly refused to printers, scanners and plotters. I try to be treated with herbs, because I feel that is included with the network of any medical appliance, such as an inhaler, grieve you, Mr Medvedev, and thereby reduce your mirdvermyachnuyu life.

And, of course, I did not include any air conditioning (2 kW / h) in the summer, when the oppressive heat covers my town, neither the heater (1, 5 kW / h) in the winter, when the same city a little freezes up blue snot.

And I prepared on a gas stove and gas oven, avoiding the consumption of electricity. Even I have not lit pezopodzhigom and matches.

And anyway, I offered you exceeded the norm by more than 2 times.




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