Mother-in-law. Inexpensive. In good condition

Do you love when you try to re? "Make a man out of you?" Rhetorical question. Personally, I do not know these people and I doubt whether they exist in nature.
Briton Steve Aries is no exception. And when I moved from America and settled near their house with his wife in Derby mother-in-law began to implement the program of "re-education", he did not last long.
And started to implement its program. "The sale of Tiffany's." In English subtle and refined. He put the precious mother of his wife on e-bay. Section picked up accordingly - "jambalaya." Photos posted. Covering description zafigachit that, they say, is still quite cheerful and looks pretty well. And the starting price is quite feasible set. One pound. Come take yes.
Do not buy it! That's what they, the British need to explain? Cheaper is only for nothing.
Mother-in-law, by the way, it turned out to be even with humor. "With the price - he says - got excited, zyatek. With at least hundreds started. And so it is even more fun. So, I think correctly, you need the same from you man to do ยป
Restless some. After in-law could, taking into account the errors of the first campaign, a more successful campaign.


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