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We unanimously persecuted on this winter - and snow, and the roads terrible after that (there has, however, more to our dear municipalities). All true. When last night once again to dig, thinking all sorts of different and mostly unprintable. And then I sought evening Coy then, and stumbled. As often happens, quite by accident.
It is quite typical for photos of Norilsk winter. It is not force majeure. It happens every year.

The temperature drops to minus 60 degrees. I was personally present at - 58C. I can tell you that this is not just a cold and osteklenevayusche-unbearable. Air becomes viscous and opaque. Open areas of the body burns the frost like boiling water. Eyes instantly stick to them from falling out of breath moisture. How would you not warmly dressed, to go more than 200 meters without warmers in the near entryway impossible. On this there is no intercoms at the entrances.
This window of the first floor of the music school, but we must remember that in the north of the house on stilts and the 1st floor in the second Moscow:

Wind of 30 meters per second - is the norm. Record level do not know, but a strong adult man carries in snowy expanse with no issues and options. At a wind of 18 meters per second (as in the famous Moscow hurricane) high school students go to school.

In the city all the buildings are designed to have a minimum windage or concreted tightly. Fly nothing. But occasionally someone still kills tear off a window sill or sheet iron ripped from the roof.
Entrance to the residential entrance:

Icicles on the 3-meter - is the norm. They just try to knock down, but do not always have time before they are even as whether zashibut.

Someone bought a car in the summer, but did not buy a garage))


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