Effective exercises to improve vision!

Eyes work because of muscles and muscles need to train - says ophthalmologist - eye movements is best done in the morning or in the evening before bedtime. Each exercise is repeated for 5-30 times, start small and gradually increase the load. Movements are smooth, without jerks, between exercises useful to blink. And do not forget to remove glasses or contact lenses. Exercises to improve vision is a great way to restore your vision.

Exercise № 1. look out the window

Makes a point of clay and sculpt on the glass. Choosing the window distant object for several seconds looking into the distance, then looks to the point. Later, you can complicate the load - to focus on four different distance objects.

Exercise № 2. MASSAGE

Do "look frightened man." Sit up straight. Tight squeezes his eyes shut his eyes for 5 seconds, then open them wide. Repeat 8-10 times.

Exercise № 3. WHIRLPOOL

Twice a day, morning and evening, rinse eyes. Morning - first perceptibly hot water (not scalding!), Then cold. Before going to bed in reverse order: wash cold, then hot water.


First aid for eyes - close them for a few minutes and imagine something pleasant. And if you rub the palms of your hands and cover his eyes warm hands, fingers crossed in the middle of the forehead, the effect will be noticeable.

Exercise № 5. «shoot eyes" (as in the picture)

 - Look up and down with the maximum amplitude.
 - Draw circles clockwise and back.
 - We carry a glance from the inner corner of the right eye and the left outer corner of the eye up to the outer corner of the right eye and the inner corner of the left. Then - in the opposite direction.
 - Draw a square look.
 - Sight follows the arc - convex and concave.
 - Looks around the diamond.
 - Draw eyes bows.
 - Look at the letter S - first horizontally and then vertically.
 - Devil eyes vertical arc, first clockwise, then - against.
 - Glancing from one corner to the other along the diagonals of the square.
 - A set of pupils to the nose hard, bringing a finger to his nose.
 - Frequently blink often centuries - as butterfly wings waving.


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