Psychology - Feelings of guilt, and how to fight it.

Guilt - a person's ability to self-incrimination, to internal recriminations and aggression to himself, feeling of being wrong, a violation of its inhibitions.
There are people constantly ispytavala blame for everything that happens to them, and with his loved ones, they are prone to soul-searching. And there are those that do not see the fault in any situation.

Why is this happening? This is affected by the values ​​and examples, inherent in us from childhood, such as: parents compare us with the other children, we did not meet expectations; restrictions imposed by religion and society.

Guilt can show us that we are doing something wrong in relation to their views on life, but soul-searching may enter into a deep depression.

To avoid this, try to adequately assess the situation, examining it from all sides.

Discuss this with any of the loved ones, listen to the opinion of an outsider.

Think of the reasons why you have committed any act that causes guilt, think about what caused this feeling.

Try to justify himself in any case.

Draw conclusions from the situation, evaluate it and remember in the future to avoid this. Think of other reactions / actions for similar circumstances.


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