How to whiten your teeth at home:

This can be done in a dental office, but you are able to make their teeth whiter at home, saving both time and money.
1. The easiest and most popular way - whiten teeth using hydrogen peroxide. In 50 ml of water, add 20 drops of peroxide and caress your mouth after every meal. Do not forget after this procedure, be sure to rinse your mouth with clean water.

2. peroxide can be used in another way. Wetting cotton wool and rub the teeth before each brushing. Do not forget to thoroughly rinse your mouth after the procedure.

3. Ash. The oldest method of whitening teeth and, perhaps, the most reliable. However, we propose to replace the ash activated charcoal. Grind charcoal, dip the brush into the powder and brush your teeth.

4. No more than once a week, you can use baking soda, but only under the condition that you have healthy gums. Before cleaning the tooth paste dip the brush into the baking soda and brush your teeth to it.

5. You will be surprised, but the berries and fruits are also whiten teeth. Chew on a handful of strawberries or strawberry and hold this substance at some time in the mouth. Then carefully brush your teeth paste.


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