1. As you read authors who write well, you get used to speak well.
2. Culture - it is not the number of books read, and the number of witnesses.

3. People who read the book will always be controlled by those who are watching television.

4. The book is always better than the movie, because the imagination is no limit on the special effects.

5. The more you read, the less imitate.

6. People are divided into two categories: those who read the book, and those who listen to those who read.

7. As of the cents are made rubles and is made from grains reading knowledge.

8. Reading the mind - the same as exercise for the body.

9. There is only one thing worse than not to touch reading books the past 90 days; it does not touch the reading of the last 90 days and think that nothing happened.

10. There are worse crimes than burning books. For example - do not read them.

11. To become smart enough to read 10 books, but to find them you have to read the thousands.

12. Books - ships thoughts wandering on the waves of time and carefully carrying their precious cargo from generation to generation.

13. Remember that you represent, it is determined by what you read.


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