Mischa Barton

Name Mischa Barton many at the hearing, but not everyone can immediately say what she is famous. However, for the 24 years Mischa Barton has had time to play in a movie, play in the theater, as well as to be in the center of several scandals.

It looks like the glory of the idol of youth helps her to stay afloat, although Barton since the time of the cult TV series "The OC" managed to acquire a reputation skandalistki, and her role in the movie all the more reason to give for ridicule from the evil tongues. And her famous style that was previously under scrutiny by fashion critics and ordinary citizens, is now less enthusiasm, and some observers even sarcastically noted degradation.

However, Mischa Barton continues to be role models in clothes for many young girls, so let's see how changing her style and how he does it advertising, though not always good, but due to which it is always in sight.


11-year-old Mischa Barton poses for Calvin Clein and makes its way to Hollywood


Barton is already known star of the cult of youth series "The OC»


Name Mischa Barton increasingly flashes in the gossip columns, often in connection with various scandals. The rapidly changing image of the actress becomes increasingly difficult to keep track.


Appearance actress gave rise to rumors that Barton anorexic, although she denied it


After a series of scandals life of the actress seems to have returned to normal. She actively acted in films and on television, fighting global warming and produces its own line of handbags and accessories.

Fans of the actress can not worry! It's just Hotshots series "Law & Order", where Barton plays the role of a prostitute.


With Russian actress in common not only the name but also the role in the movie "You and I" on the least controversial duet "Tatu". At the Moscow premiere of the film Barton came in a black dress as a sign of sympathy to the victims of the terrorist attack at Domodedovo airport.

And we can observe the life of a different actress!

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