Cheholchik for iPhone 5 for $ 300,000

English brand Uunique introduced, they argue, the most expensive case for iPhone 5. For the presentation of the product price of 189 thousand pounds jewelers called model and actress Misha Barton. Inlaid with 18-carat pink gold, diamond and pearl colors of this case three times bypassed sapphire creation for the iPhone 5 from the Natural Sapphire Company for $ 100 000. The main motive ornament Uunique London Lotus became an exotic water lotus, which symbolizes strength and progress. Mischa Barton is not only drawn attention to dorogushchie covers, but also had the opportunity to feel like a designer. Simultaneously released Uunique available line «Unique by Mischa» as low as $ 40 to $ 960 for a model with cut glass Swarovski. video>


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