When such sweet boys are just beginning to appear in the circles of fashion-parties, they even like me - a slender, smart, stylish, sensual. But now I am a little sickened by such fashion.

Where is the best captain with oblique seven feet at the shoulders, with a sly look in his tired eyes, and three-day beard? Certainly not in this collection.

Let's look at these boys-girls.

Danila Polyakov

At the Danilo there is something that attracts me in a strange way. He has an amazing talent to dress up in women's clothes and look manly. His view of the photographs eloquently indicates the direction of movement to those who do not like his style.

Martin Cohn

This male model - the ideal woman of many men: a beautiful tall blonde with blue eyes and lean figure. There is one thing - Martin the man himself.

Boris April

This miscarriage Ukrainian "Star Factory" gathered around him a lot of fans. Ironically.

Andrej Pejic

I want to say: "It's a beautiful creature." Fit is not devoid of sexuality.

Izzy Hilton

This repulsive creature lives in Germany, is not particularly engaged, talent does not shine, but here's the paradox - it dries for a good half of all girls in the world. Indeed, makeup works wonders!

Vlad Sokolovsky

Vlad changed his mind and started a - now he no longer resembles the young Lolita.

Christian Brill

Another example fancy combinations of genes. Fit.

Allen Roth

It reminds shampoo "two in one».


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