Final Touch

People often underestimate the importance of accessories. One small well-matched item can not only complement the image, but also to complete it. Hair jewelry is the case.


Flowers in her hair - a classic, and at the peak of popularity of floral prints - and even fashion classic. Red rose "a la Carmen" in the hair Gwen Stefani or tender buds on the rim Mischa Barton - any relevant flower theme.

Gwen Stefani

Mischa Barton

Taylor Swift

Drew Barrymore


The bright feather in the head gives the image of an exotic, as in the case of Nina Dobrev, who adorned his black hair feathers saturated blue. Kate Middleton, due to status, can not afford such extravagance, so it chose the more restrained shades of feathers.

Nina Dobrev

Kate Middleton

Drew Barrymore


Bows in their hair may look different: playfully, like Rihanna, cute, like Kelly Osbourne and elegant, as is the case with Sarah Jessica Parker. But whatever the bow, it always gives the image of femininity.


Kelly Osbourne

Sarah Jessica Parker


Crystals - the most popular method of hair ornaments, which is most commonly used on the red carpet. Shining stones (often precious) draw attention to beautiful hair and creates a festive mood. The catch only, not to overdo it with glitter.

Amanda Peet

Arielle Kebbel

Diana Argon

Elizabeth Banks

Diane Kruger

Lauren Conrad

Scarlett Johansson

Zooey Deschanel

Hilary Swank

Katherine Heigl

Vera Farmiga

Not an option!

Massive necklace on the chest and big earrings will not tolerate Neighborhood strange contraption on his head, lush feathers and blue lenses reminiscent of Avatar.

Paris Hilton

Hairstyle Jennifer Lopez looks smart and shiny without pins, which supposedly got there by accident.

Pregnancy apparently clouded his mind, Kate Hudson, and she landed on top of a shining star.


Tapes rims offer lovers of interesting hairstyles many options. With twisted into a bundle of ribbons or thin hoop, you can create an elegant high hair with a touch of retro. And if you tie a ribbon around the head-to-date today will look a la hippie.

Emma Watson

Amanda Seyfried

Mischa Barton

Vanessa Hudgens


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