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The other day, the art director of a karaoke club said to me: "Now there is no need to invent something, to squeeze out of the ideas, it is enough to have a minimum brain and monitor the 'Net: All commercially successful ideas out there." Just thought and organizers of the show "Top Model in Russian," another Russian sequel western projects (remember the popular show with Tara Banks?) To start his Muz-TV in February, and in the symbolic May 9 Victory Day to be held a decisive battle where it becomes clear who will fly to New York to participate in the Final. Symbolically here is not only the word "Victory": The Great War Beauties from all points of our Motherland knows no bounds.

Leading this show was more Ta Belle Ksenia Sobchak.

As for the jury:

Ksyushinu set off the beauty Inna Zobova known fashion model, appearing on the covers of fashion Glyantsev.

Well ooshen expensive fashion photographer Mikhail Korolev.

Fashion designer Elena Suprun.

As the art director of the project was Max Rapoport. For those who do not know, a well-known designer, producing fashion rag under the same name.

The algorithm shows original impossibly: latter-day models dipped in sweet-sour life models, sweet, because guests come Phil Kirkorov and other stars, acidic, because girls are periodically decimated the ranks of the jury.

Girls are given various tasks, take off in photo shoots, then loudly discussed their competence model and Profit unsuitable sent back home.

Of the more than 30 copies of the model now there are only 6.

And I, unfortunately, none of them impressed.

I know that the ideal model - neutral, so that you can make of it what you want, any way. How Vodianova.

But still love the bright appearance, albeit with some personality.

Underwater photography for advertising «Pantene».

Photoshoot «Horoscope».

Inna Zobova I really like it. There is in it, as they say, glamor and sophistication.

Oh, what sacrifices are not only go to show Cindy Claudia, which is capable of Russian beauty.

However, I think in this business to the order of reptiles are not used to.

People who want to participate in such events here, admired his courage. On the other hand, one must be careful not to cross the line, do not look ridiculous, falling in an uncontrolled pursuit of fame and money.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained! I do not like to take risks, but go drink champagne, good late Saturday morning, a holiday. :)




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