25 wonders of the USSR, who simply "Crazy" to foreigners!

You probably will not once heard that Soviet intelligence did not understand. This is most likely a consequence of the era of complete isolation of the Soviet Union from the countries of far abroad.

Here are some curiosities of the Soviet and post-Soviet era, a "Crazy" foreigners:

1. Birch sap

Yes, foreign citizens can hardly understand this tasteless drink with a slight taste of plywood.

Photo: Maxim

2. Kvass

Let initially kvass was not only the Soviet drink, and it was invented in ancient Egypt, you hardly can find it on the territory of modern Egypt, Iran or any other foreign countries.

Photo: AdMe

3. Seeds

This popcorn, sunflower seeds and to whom. Just try this product infectious foreigners will be able to understand how "our" has managed to eat sunflower seeds.

Photo: Punk You

4. Boiled condensed milk

Even now, when the store you can easily buy a ready-cooked condensed milk, we still think it will be safer to cook this delicacy own. Abroad you can also buy caramelized condensed milk, but this dessert really does not taste remind you of your childhood.

Photo: tbgames.org

5. Pionerbol

The name speaks for itself. This distorted form of volleyball for many of the foreign guests poorly understood.

Photo: LiveJournal

6. Knock on wood, so as not to jinx it. B>

It has long been known that the pagan beliefs deeply rooted in the Christian tradition of the Soviet Union. Few of the inhabitants of distant foreign countries liberal superstition understand contemporary post-Soviet man.

Photo: Yandex

7. Sit out on the track

Sitting on the track in silence man can only "Soviet" education. Think, for example, the American comedy "Home Alone." Our mind nevozvozhno understand parents who repeatedly, going in a hurry, forget the baby.

Photo: GettyImages

8. Old New Year

As a child, you probably thought himself as the New Year may be old. But residents of the CIS countries is not so puzzling dualism. But foreigners this oxymoron is utter confusion.

Photo: Ultimate-Soviets

9. The address on the envelope on the contrary

Soviet propaganda that is put into the center is not the individual, and the benefit of the state, even influenced the shape of the filling data on the envelope. Initially, select where your sending a letter, and then you can and remember to whom you want to send it. In foreign countries, first specify a name, then the destination address.

Photo: Marki

10. "What? Where? When? "And" Drink »

The Soviet people - socially active person. So everyone had to choose a niche, what he would like to occupy in Soviet society. And any club for intellectuals "What? Where? When? "And the club for lovers of good humor" KVN ". It does not say, but the good old shows were much more original and distinctive than the modern "Star Factory».

Photo: CHGK

11. Avoska

Compact, practical and cheerful! For the first time the name of this unusual bag could be heard in the monologue Raikin in 1935: «But it's string bag, i> - said his character is waving this bag - Perhaps a minute I'm in it anything today I bring home ». i>

Photo: Komsomol-Museum

12. Coasters

What no one could accuse the inhabitants of the Soviet Union, so it is excessive practicality. When the glass was expensive, it was still true. But now?! Now holders - the main attribute of traveling on the train.

Photo: Podstakanik

13. March 8 and 23 February

Although few people remember the original essence of the holidays, even the most skeptical boys and girls are waiting for gifts, cards and greetings these days.

Photo: Maxim

14. Pine nuts

This gift Taiga forest is considered almost a delicacy overseas.

Photo: LiveJournal

15. Brine

Foreigners can only envy our knowledge of the secret recipe to fight a hangover.

Photo: Sloosh

16. Doors that open inward

You think there is no logic to open doors inside? Residents of the snow-covered post-Soviet regions do not think so still!

Photo: YouTube

17. Buckwheat

Although you can find buckwheat in natural food stores in the US and Europe, but due to the chemical treatment, it is tasteless beyond recognition. Only the Soviet people can appreciate the bitter taste of buckwheat.

Photo: Vita Portal

18. Coloring eggs onion skins

Practicality and once again practical! Cheap, beautiful and is particularly tasty!

Photo: AdMe

19. Activated carbon

Only here you will be able to get rid of stomach problems, taking chernyuschie not very aesthetically packaged, soiling her mouth and fingers pills.

Photo: Maxim

20. Vocative

This phenomenon is typical of many Indo-European languages. In Russia, the vocative case can only be found in colloquial speech: «Natasha, and, Natasha!». I> In the Ukrainian language, for example, vocative still exists. That's right, for instance, does not refer to a girl «Natasha» i>, and «Natasha». I>

Photo: Wikimedia

21. "Retona»

There was this very practical and compact wonder machine in Tomsk. "Retona" has many advantages as compared: it is very quiet and compact, and most importantly, you will not have to fill the neighbors below.

Photo: Retona

22. Bath broom

A bundle of dry twigs - nezamenimmy attribute to relax in the Russian bath. Who, if not us, it's clear.

Photo: AllSauna

23. Footcloths

This natural substitute for synthetic shoe is a real exotic for today, coming to us tourists.

Photo: I-Fakt

24. Turnstiles

Only we have the turnstiles operate on the principle of carnivorous plants. First, they create an appearance of complete freedom and security. But any attempt at illegal entry into their jaws are closed.

Photo: SovKladovka

25. Zelenka

It is a magical remedy it has in each apartment of the former USSR. Treats for all. Guaranteed!

Photo: WhatiThinkAbout

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